This is it Athens Human Rights Festival Now thru tomorrow night. Schedule

Hey there,
Why are you reading this?
The 34 th Athens Human Rights festival has started, you should be there! Actually it is just the kids show, the actual festival starts at 1:00 PM.
Make sure to catch the closing act Sunday Deja Vu, I was told Nathan Sheppard is leaving the group and this will be the last Deja Vu performance. This is a DON”T MISS!!! Actually the whole festival is a DON”T MISS!!!  Y’all please come down to College Ave, we have the whole block between Broad and Clayton, follow your ears.
Here is the schedule.


Saturday May 5th

Youth Program:

9:45-10:15            Palms of Fire

10:15-10:45          Montessori Singers

*10:45-11:00        Warren McPherson, Dir. Athens Montessori School

11:00-11:50          Girls With Guitars – Vanda Guthrie

11:50-12:10          Rites of Passage

*12:10-12:20        Tim Johnson, Dir.  Whatever It Takes

12:20-12:45          Bob Hay Band  

*12:45-1:00          Ambitious For Equal Rights and Georgia Undocumented Youth Alliance

Teen Matters

1:00-1:45             Festival Welcome

                             J.D. Smith and Peace of Mind

                             Adam Poulin and Adam Payne

*1:45-2:15           UGA Hispanic Student Association         

CISV Atlanta

                             Aubrey Taylor “Intactivist”

2:15-2:45             Mother the Car

*2:45-3:15           Mandy Seigler,  Dir. of Athens-Clarke Literacy Council


                             Open Mic

3:15-3:45             Mr. Jordan and Mr. Tonks

*3:45-4:15           Tyrone Brooks, Georgia House of Representatives

                             Edward DeBose,  President of NAACP of Georgia

4:15-4:45             Suex Effect

*4:45-5:15           Warren McPherson

 Occupy Athens

5:15-5:45              Showtime feat. Elite tha Showstoppa

*5:45-6:15            Russell Edwards – People For a Better Athens

6:15-6:45              JazzChronic

*6:45-7:00            Freedom University Georgia

                              Millard Farmer

7:00-7:50              Kite to the Moon

*7:50-8:00            TBA

8:00-9:00              Rollin’ Home

*9:00-9:10            Sasha of Diva Experience

9:10-10:00           Diva Experience 

*10:00-10:10       UGA  LGBT Resource Center

10:10-11:00         Dank Sinatra


Sunday May 6th     

2:00-2:30             Festival Welcome

                             Art Rosenbaum

*2:30-2:50           Todd Lister

                             GA Peace and Justice Coalition

2:50-3:20              Scott Baxendale

*3:20-3:40           Gwen O’Looney, Dir.  Georgia Conflict Center

                             Spencer Frye, Dir. Of Athens Area Habitat for  Humanity

3:40-4:10             Garnett River Gals

*4:10-4:30           Women In Black

Project Safe

Neal Priest M.D., St. Mary’s Hospital and

True South Radio                        

4:30-5:00              Lowdive

*5:00-5:20            Occupy Athens

5:20-6:00              Odd Trio

*6:00-6:20            People For a Better Athens

6:20-7:10              Betsy Franck and the Bareknuckle Band

*7:10-7:20           Alex Borges, Dir. Of Casa De Amistad

                             Eugene Wilkes, UGA Law Professor

7:20-8:15              Big C and the Velvet Delta

*8:15-8:30            Ed Tant

8:30-End               Deja Vu                              

Please come by, it is your world too! There is a lot of very intelligent speakers talking about issues vital to you and the planet. Join the discussion, time permitting we hope to have an open mic. Who knows you just might learn something or teach us something. I really hope to see all of y’all there. I’ll be recordiing the wholke festival, stop by I’m easy to spot.


Peace and Love,



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