The Winterville Marigold Festival this Sat May 19th

Hey there,
WOW, somehow I missed posting The Winterville Marigold Festival this Sat May 19th.
This is always a Don’t Miss. Check out this great lineup.
  9:00 AM     Wilma
  9:30 AM     The Howard Sisters
10:45 AM
     Theresa Haynes
11:00 AM
     Burning Angels

11:35 AM     Drew Marler

12:00 PM     Red Oak Southern String

12:35 PM     Curley Maple

  1:00 PM     Klezmer Local 42

  1:35 PM     Nathan Sheppard/John Keane

  2:00 PM     North GA Bluegrass Band

  2:35 PM     Christian Lopez

  3:00 PM     90 Acre Farm

  3:35 PM     Breathlanes

  4:00 PM     Welfare Liners

  4:35 PM     Lara Oshon

  5:00 PM     Dodd Ferrelle

  5:35 PM     Kyshona Armstrong

  6:00 PM     Clay Leverett & full band

  7:00 PM     Betsy Franck

  7:30 PM     Shonna Tucker

  8:00 PM     Mr. Jordan/Mr. Tonks

  8:30 PM     Romper Stomper

  9:00 PM     Bloodkin

I hope to see y’all at the shows.
Peace and Love,

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