The HOOT! @ The Melting Point 9-12-16
Susan Staley & Bill Oglesby
Hog-Eyed Man
Cortez Garza
Borderhop Trio

Sweetheart Duets @ The HOOT! @ Melting Point 2-8-16
Sarah and Darrin Cook
Kate Morrissey and Roger Stahl
Jenny and Jamie Derevere
Mary Sigalas and Matt Yelton
Olive Hebert and Riley Kirkpatrick
Nancy and Charlie Hartness
Cameron Federal and Russell Cook

The HOOT! @ The Melting Point 8-24-15
Hawk-Proof Rooster
The Dixieland 5
The Ale Raisers

Sweetheart Duets @ The HOOT! @ Melting Point 2-11-15
Sweetheart Duets-01          Sweetheart Duets-02
Sweetheart Duets-03          Sweetheart Duets-04
Sweetheart Duets-05          Sweetheart Duets-06
Sweetheart Duets-07          Sweetheart Duets-08

The HOOT! @ The Melting Point 9-15-14
Wrenn @ Melting Point 9-15-14
Marion Montgomery & Glyn Denham @ Melting Point 9-15-14
Marion & Glyn-01          Marion & Glyn-02
Jarekus Singleton @ Melting Point 9-15-14

 Jarekus Singleton-01           Jarekus Singleton-02
 Jarekus Singleton-03

The HOOT! @ The Melting Point 6-9-14
Athens Tango Project
Athens Tango Project-01
Athens Tango Project-02
Hope for Agoldensummer
Hope for Agoldensummer-01
Hope for Agoldensummer-02

Lowdive-01          Lowdive-02

The HOOT! @ The Melting Point 1-13-14
Appalachian Rhythm
Appalachian Rhythm-01          Appalachian Rhythm-02
Manmade Mountains
Manmade Mountains-01          Manmade Mountains-02
The Dixieland 5
The Dixieland 5-01         The Dixieland 5-02

The HOOT!  8-12-13
Amy Andrews
Amy Andrews-01          Amy Andrews-02
The Original Screwtops
The Original Screwtops Part-01           Part-02          Part-03

The HOOT!  6-10-13
Boycycle @ The HOOT! Melting Point 6-10-13
Boycycle-01          Boycycle-02          Boycycle-03
Boycycle-04          Boycycle-05
The Skipperdees@ The HOOT! Melting Point 6-10-13
Skipperdees-01          Skipperdees-02          Skipperdees-03
Skipperdees-04          Skipperdees-05          Skipperdees-06
High Strung String Band Acoustic @ The HOOT! Melting Point 6-10-13
High Strung String Band-01          High Strung String Band-02
High Strung String Band-03          High Strung String Band-04
High Strung String Band-05          High Strung String Band-06

The HOOT! 5-13-13
Katie Pruitt
Emerald Road
Red Oak Southern String Band

The HOOT! 4-8-13
Paul Lombard
The Solstice Sisters
The Vinyl Strangers

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