Sat at The Office Lounge 8 pm for a fundraiser for the Athens Human Rights Festival

Hey there,
Don’t forget  Sat at The Office Lounge 8 pm for
THEY ONLY COME OUT AT NIGHT A fundraiser for the Athens Human Rights Festival, featuring Kellie Divine and The Athens Showgirl Cabaret, Rev. Conner Tribble and hip-hop activist Ricky Simone.
Y’all please stop by and enjoy. Help us  raise the funds for our 39th festival. I’ll be there with free hugs!
Here is the festival schedule:
AHRF Schedule for Saturday May 6
Young Adults Program
10:00-11:00  Wooten Woopets & Montessori School Chorus & Ukulele Club
11:00-11:10  Warren McPherson-Director of Athens Montessori School
11:10-11:20  John Knox-Education
11:20-12:20  The New Guard with Caroline Aiken
12:20-12:40  Festival Welcome/Dancing Flowers for Peace
12:40-1:10  Music  Benjamin Simpson
1:10-1:25  Speakers Georgia Climate Change Coalition
Vashaun Jones-Cultural Activist for Blind Georgians
1:25-1:55   Music  Squalls
1:55-2:10     Speaker Sherri Tanner    Project Safe
Shannon Martinez   Former White Supremacist
2:10-2:40     Music  Adam Payne
2:40-3:00    Speakers  Tyrone Brooks-Moore’s Ford Movement
Dr Steele- National President SCLC
3:00-3:40     Music  Fat Arm Daddy
3:40-4:00     Speaker A4E/AIRC
4:00-4:40     Music  Athens Cowboy Choir
4:40-4:55   Speakers       Michelle Sanchez Executive VP at Young Democrats
4:55-5:25    Music-  Mr. Jordan & Mr.Tonks
5:25-5:40     Speakers Warren McPherson
5:40-6:20     Music- Mister Tie Dye
6:20-6:35     Speaker Rob Wood – Georgia Equality
6:35-7:30     Music- Timi and Wonderland Rangers
7:30-7:45     Speaker- Ted Terry – Mayor of Clarkston Ga.
7:45-8:45     Music-  Klezmer  Local 42
8:45-9:00               Speaker Hip Hop Activist   Ricky Simone
9:00-10:00     Music  Diva Experience
10:00-10:15   Speaker         Live Athens
10:15 –  Closing Music  Universal Sigh
AHRF Schedule for Sunday May 7
1:00- 4:45  AIRC, AADM, A4E
4:45   – 5:15  Music  Jefferson Shuttlecraft
5:15 –   5:30  Speaker Millard Farmer
     Chad Clay-Immigration
5:30   – 6:00  Music  The Norm
6:00   – 6:15  Speakers Dawn Johnson-Indivisible Athens
6:15   – 7:00  Music  Reverend Conner Tribble  
7:00   – 7:15  Speaker Open mike/Quinn-Green Party
7:15   – 8:00  Music  Dirty Doors
8:00   – 8:15  Speakers Open mike
8:15   – 9:15  Music  Caroline Aiken and CATCH A C.A.B.
9:15   – 9:30  Speakers Ed Tant
9:30   – closing Music  Working Class Heroes  
Music is my meditation.
I hope to see y’all at the shows.
Peace and Love,

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