Purple Hatter’s Ball 2015

purple_hatter 2015
Purple Hatter’s Ball 2015
Thursday May 7th
Cure For The Common @ Uncle Charles Porch Stage
Cure For The Common

Dubconscious @ Purple Hat Amphiteater

El Dub @ Purple Hat Amphiteater
El Dub

Elephant Revival @ Purple Hat Amphiteater
Elephant Revival-01         Elephant Revival-02 *Split when batteries died

Flat Land @ Uncle Charles Porch Stage
Flat Land

Mouth @ Purple Hat Amphiteater

Space Capone @ Uncle Charles Porch Stage
Space Capone

Friday May 8th
Catfish Alliance @ Uncle Charles Porch Stage
Catfish Alliance

Cure For The Common @ Momma Margie’s Forest Stage
Cure For The Common

Daria & The Hip Drops @ Momma Margie’s Forest Stage
Daria & The Hip Drops

Kansas Bible Company @ Purple Hat Amphiteater
Kansas Bible Company

King Cotton @ Uncle Charles Porch Stage
King Cotton

Mingo Fishtrap @ Purple Hat Amphiteater
Mingo Fishtrap

Mouth @ Momma Margie’s Forest Stage

MZG @ Uncle Charles Porch Stage

Nahko and Medicine For The People @ Purple Hat Amphiteater
Nahko and Medicine For The People

New Earth Army @ Momma Margie’s Forest Stage
New Earth Army

Random Rab @ Purple Hat Amphiteater
Random Rab

The Malah @ Uncle Charles Porch Stage
The Malah

The Werks @ Purple Hat Amphiteater
The Werks

Trial By Stone @ Momma Margie’s Forest Stage
Trial By Stone

Saturday May 9th
Benyoro @ Momma Margie’s Forest Stage

Cadillac Jones @ Uncle Charles Porch Stage
Cadillac Jones

Charles Bradley And His Extraordinaries @ Purple Hat Amphiteater
Charles Bradley And His Extraordinaries

Mamma Magie
Dubconscious @ Purple Hat Amphiteater

Empire Strikes Brass @ Purple Hat Amphiteater
Empire Strikes Brass

Grandpa’s Cough Medicine @ Purple Hat Amphiteater
Grandpa’s Cough Medicine

Greenhouse Lounge @ Uncle Charles Porch Stage
Greenhouse Lounge

Les Racquet @ Uncle Charles Porch Stage
Les Racquet

Lotus @ Purple Hat Amphiteater

Parker Urban Band @ Momma Margie’s Forest Stage
Parker Urban Band

Raja Kassis’s Humanbeing @ Momma Margie’s Forest Stage
Raja Kassis’s Humanbeing

Supermande Jam @ Momma Margie’s Forest Stage
Supermande Jam

Tauk @ Uncle Charles Porch Stage

Toubab Krewe @ Momma Margie’s Forest Stage
Toubab Krewe

Sunday May 10th
Aaron Lebos Reality @ Momma Margie’s Forest Stage
Aaron Lebos Reality

Adrian Crutchfield & The Extraordinary Gentleman @ Purple Hat Amphiteater
Adrian Crutchfield & The Extraordinary Gentleman

Future Vintage @ Momma Margie’s Forest Stage
Future Vintage

The Galbraith Group @ Momma Margie’s Forest Stage
The Galbraith Group

Roosevelt Collier’s Suwannee Jam @ Purple Hat Amphiteater
Roosevelt Collier’s Suwannee Jam

Scott Campbell Band w/ Avis Berry @ Purple Hat Amphiteater
Scott Campbell Band

Sex Manatee’s Basshole@ Momma Margie’s Forest Stage
Sex Manatee’s Basshole

Shak Nasti @ Purple Hat Amphiteater
Shak Nasti


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