Our Sky has fallen

Hey there,
It is with a heavy heart I send this out. Athens lost a giant member of our music community last night, Sky Hertwig the owner of the No Where Bar. Sky was always kind to me and never seemed to begrudge me the precious bar space I took up with my recording equipment.  You knew that if a band booked at No Where it would be a good show. I don’t recall ever going to a show there that I didn’t enjoy. I’ll never forget the way that 6′ 8″ giant went through the crowds leaving a wake of hand shakes, fist bumps, hugs and smiles. He will be missed.
I just found out last night so I don’t know the status of No Where Bar as to future shows. I recommend calling first if you were planning on going to a show. That is another thing I really liked about No Where, they answered the phone. I’ll stop by tonight and try to find out more and let you know.
Here are some thoughts you might find appropriate:
The pursuit of  happiness is the chase of a lifetime!
It is never too late to  become what you might have been.
Life is too short  to wake up with regrets..
So love the people who treat you right..
Forget about the ones who don’t. 
Be kinder than  necessary because everyone you meet is fighting some kind of  battle.
Peace and Love,

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