North GA Folk Festival 10-11-2014

North GA Folk Festival 10-11-2014
Bluebilly Grit
Bluebilly Grit-01          Bluebilly Grit-02
Bluebilly Grit-03

Bonnie Loggins and Mary Lomax
Bonnie Loggins and Mary Lomax-01
Bonnie Loggins and Mary Lomax-02

Emerald Road
Emerald Road-01          Emerald Road-02
Emerald Road-03

Hair of the Dog
Hair of the Dog-01          Hair of the Dog-02
Hair of the Dog-03

Kids Dance Caller: Stuart Whipple
Kids Dance-01

Marion Montgomery and Glyn Denham
Marion Montgomery and Glyn Denham-01
Marion Montgomery and Glyn Denham-02

Max in the Middle
Pick up acoustic band, played while stage was set back up due to rain.
Max in the Middle-01          Max in the Middle-02

Norman Blake
Norman Blake-01          Norman Blake-02
Norman Blake-03          Norman Blake-04

 Pat Shields
Pat Shields-01          Pat Shields-02
Pat Shields-03 *Missed start of story

Stone Mountain Wobblers
Stone Mountain Wobblers-01          Stone Mountain Wobblers-02
*Set shortened due to rain

The Skillet Lickers
The Skillet Lickers-01          The Skillet Lickers-02
The Skillet Lickers-03

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