Music This Week

Hey there,
My name is Kurt and I’m an addict. It started so innocently, weekly doses of late night / early morning sets of Kenosha Kid at Flicker. Then I found some wonderful Muses that lead me to The HEAP. Then on to harder stuff, Cosmic Charlie and I was hooked. Now I’m wandering in after four festivals this month and there is nearly a week left in the month. I wouldn’t change a thing.
Wow what an incredible run of music, energy, happiness, family, peace and love. I somehow end up being asked to join larger and larger music families.
A great example of my month was the Purple Hatter Ball. On Sat I was at the Solar Cafe to get a hug from a beautiful friend, Sunshine. Carl Lindberg walked up and told me it was the best day of his life. He was there with all the wonderful people and energy and didn’t and have anything to do but play that night. I told him I was honored to share his best day and made it better by introducing him to Sunshine since they were both beautiful people and should know each other. Momma Margie has a butterfly ceremony where they release 24 butterflies for her daughter. Momma Margie’s butterfly flew out and flew 40 feet straight to my shoulder, then to my hat. The butterflies are supposed to take your thoughts to heaven, I hope I didn’t fry any of its circuits. After that Carl and I locked eyes and shared the energy all around us before Dubconscious played. It was an incredible experience. As I was leaving Purple Hatter I heard about Carl passing. I still have not processed that. I have it closed away and need time alone to deal with it. I’ll never hear him sing Good Morning Little Schoolgirl, one of my favorite Pigpen vocals and Carl could really channel Pigpen. What a voice, what a talent  what a beautiful person I had the honor to know and love. Carl you have left a huge void in my and all of the Athens music family’s lives. One Love.
I think if you need a vacation to re-cooperate from the vacation you just had, you did it right. I left it all on the field, literally.
I’ll try to tell you more of my adventures soon and hope to post a Music recommendations as well. This is my first access to internet in weeks.
BTW just as I was leaving Purple Hatter thinking that it was the first fest in years I hadn’t hugged Sunshine (I gave up my turn in line to introduce her to Carl) she comes out of nowhere around a blind corner and I get my hug. 5 seconds later and I would have missed her. I also got to turn her on to ¡Moyuba! It was playing in my car stereo as I drove up. Check them out
I hope to see y’all at the shows.
Peace and Love,

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