Music This Week Oct 2nd thru Oct 8th

Hey there,
Last week was a rare one. Kenosha Kid was the only show  I went to and Sloan was there recording so I didn’t record anything. Sloan also recorded the Cover Me and Squat shows which worked out perfectly as I was out of town most of the week. If you haven’t been to Sloan’s site you are missing out of some great music. He is my Yoda, I hope to one day be half as good as he is at recording. He has been doing this since the 90’s and has a fantastic catalogue of music. Check him out at:
My bummer of the week was the cancellation of the Maharajah Flamenco Trio. I came back to town early just to catch them. Oh well there is always next year.
A relatively light schedule of shows this week but still some great music.The MBUS Battle of the Bands is this week. Sat will be a 12 hour marathon for me. I am a volunteer worker and will record almost all of the North GA Folk festival finishing with breathlanes and Whisper Kiss.
River Whyless has a new video filmed in the sewers beneath the streets of Austin, TX during SXSW:
Kenosha Kid just released View 4 (Live 9/24/13), check it out here.
Music recommendations:
Wednesday, October 2
40 Watt Club 8 p.m.
MBUS BATTLE OF THE BANDS Local bands compete, including Red Bay Aviators , Big Morgan, Mexican Black Madonna and Uncle Dad.
Green Room 9 p.m. FREE!
THE HEAP Funky indie-soul band based here in Athens with a killer horn section and fronted by Bryan Howard’s low, bass growl.
Hendershot’s Coffee Bar Dictatoctober. 6 p.m.
THE DICTATORTOTS These longtime Athenian chaos cultivators stomp about and trash the night with post-grunge grooves.
Nowhere Bar 10 p.m. FREE! 706-546-4742
YADDATU Four-piece band from the foothills of North Carolina.
Thursday, October 3
40 Watt Club 8 p.m.
MBUS BATTLE OF THE BANDS Local bands compete, including Surreal, Station 42 and Shutterdog.
Hendershot’s Coffee Bar 8 p.m.
ADRON The strong, fluttering voice of Atlanta’s Adrienne McCann meanders through her blend of mellow Tropicalia and low-key jazz
TIMI CONLEY The frontman for local band Kite to the Moon performs a solo set of his eclectic pop tunes.
Nowhere Bar 10 p.m. FREE! 706-546-4742
THE FRITZ Jammy rock band from Asheville, NC.
Friday, October 4
Ansonborough of Athens 6 p.m. FREE!
CARL LINDBERG JAZZ ORCHESTRA A group led by the local latin-jazz bassist performs a mix of standards and originals.
Hendershot’s Coffee Bar 8 p.m.
BORDERHOP FIVE Local bluegrass band.
Max 10 p.m. 706 254-3392
SHEHEHE Scorching the new American jet rock stratosphere.
SOME KIND OF NIGHTMARE SoCal punk rock band from San Diego.
FORSAKEN PROFITS Atlanta-based punk band.
Saturday, October 5
Bishop Park Athens Farmers Market. 8 a.m. FREE!
CORBETT WALSH Local singer-songwriter. (8 a.m.)
ARVIN SCOTT Local percussionist performs. (10 a.m.)
Caledonia Lounge 9 p.m. $5 (21+), $7 (18-20).
THE DARNELL BOYS The three Darnell brothers play and sing country blues originals backed by upright bass, singing saw and junkyard percussion.
THE SALT FLATS Melodic and lively local guitar-rock band. CD release show!
GLASSCRAFTS Driving, energetic psych-pop featuring Grass Giraffes’ Steven Trimmer and Robby Casso.
40 Watt Club 9 p.m. $5.
MERCYLAND Reunited local three-piece punk band fronted by David Barbe, the owner, chief engineer, and producer of Chase Park Transduction studios and director of UGA’s Music Business program.
BLOODKIN The long-running Athens quartet plays a bluesy style of roots-rock music with big guitars and sharply written lyrics for darkly countrified bar-room rock.
Hendershot’s Coffee Bar 8 p.m.
BREATHLANES Athens musical collective playing organic, atmospheric improv. Featuring John Miley (guitar), Dave Spivey (keys), Dave Domizi (bass) and Nathan Hale (drums).
WHISPER KISS Acoustic project featuring multi-instrumentalist Michael Wegner (Abbey Road LIVE!, Fuzzy Sprouts) and Shelley Olin (DubConscious, Grogus).
Sandy Creek Park 10:30 a.m. $12 (adults), $7 (students), FREE! (children under 12).
NORTH GEORGIA FOLK FESTIVAL Enjoy an all-day lineup of live music, featuring John McCutcheon, Roy Tench & Art Rosenbaum, String Theory, Borderhop Five, Solstice Sisters, The Darnell Boys, Emerald Road, The Rosin Sisters and Wooten’s Woopets & the Montessori School Ukulele Club
Sunday, October 6
ACC Library 3 p.m. FREE! 706-613-3650
THE HOBOHEMIANS This six-piece, acoustic band utilizes banjo, ukulele, flute, accordion, saxophone, piano, various percussion, drums and bass to perform popular American and European roots music of the 1910s, ’20s and ’30s: a potent mix of proto-jazz, blues and folk.
The World Famous 8:30 p.m. $5.
OLD SMOKEY Local folk-rock band fronted by Jim Willingham (Ham1) and featuring a certain psychedelic swirl.
THE SHOAL CREEK STRANGLERS Local roots-folk duo featuring members of The Humms.
Monday, October 7
Nowhere Bar 10 p.m. FREE! 706-546-4742
BLUES NIGHT WITH BIG C Nobody in Athens sings the blues quite like Big C (frontman for Big C and the Ringers). Expect lots of soulful riffs, covers and originals.
The World Famous 8 p.m. FREE!
KENOSHA KID Centered around the instru-improv jazz compositions of guitarist Dan Nettles, Kenosha Kid also features bassist Robby Handley and drummer Marlon Patton. The group is packed with music, mischief, general mayhem, and offers a sound far from the middle of the road, serving noise-rock fans and jam band listeners equally.
Tuesday October 8
Go Bar 10 p.m. 706-546-5609
THE SKIPPERDEES Charming local acoustic sister duo with rich, folky vocal harmonies and a sense of humor.
Nowhere Bar 9 p.m. $2. 706-546-4742
TUESDAY NIGHT CONFESSIONAL Host Fester Hagood presents this week’s showcase of singer-songwriter talent, featuring Clarence Cameron, Todd White and Travis Porterfield.
Tonight I’ll be at Ike Stubblefield’s show then the 1 yr anniversary of Tues Confessional. Wed I’m at the HEAP and then Yaddatu.  Thurs is definitely Adron and Timi Conley and I will try for The Fritz afterwards. Adron has an incredible voice and has made whistling an art form and Timi is an art form!.Sat I will be at the N GA Folk Fest almost all day. I will leave there in time for my Don’t Miss of the week, breathlanes and Whisper Kiss. Mon is definitely Big C’s Blues Jam.
I hope to see y’all at the shows.
Peace and Love,

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