Music This Week July 3rd thru July 9th and important info on web site

Hey there,
Major bummer. I used Weplayer from Yahoo as the media player on my web site. On
June 30th Yahoo turned Webplayer off. I can’t figure out why they did that instead of
letting it continue to play. The bottom line is that you will only be able listen to the
music via your browser’s built in media player. The problem is most browsers don’t
automatically advance to the next song after it finishes playing a song. This means
you will have to manually click on the next song to hear it until I find another solution.
My concern is it took me three weeks to find the Webplayer in the first place and after
over a year I forgot which ones I tried before so I’m starting the search from ground
zero. Anyone that knows of a good player that will seamlessly integrate into
WordPress please let me know. I have over 200 band pages, some with over 50 songs
on the page so having to add code to each page is not an option.
Please let me know how much this aversely affects your using the web site so I can
prioritize the problem. Do I need to stop recording and posting and devote my full
attention to the problem or is it something you can live with until I find a solution?
Thank you.
On the good news side, LMAG has received its first revenue.  A special thank you to
Peter Norris who made a very generous donation using the donate button on my
Home page. I will propagate the donate button to all the pages but right now it’s not
my highest priority. If you would like to contribute just go to the Home page. If you
want to contribute (tip) to a specific band make sure to let me know in the comments
section. I hope y’all will support the bands this way and I don’t have to resort to
advertising to raise revenue for them.
The music is a little light this week due to the 4th. I haven’t had time to do much
research so the recommendations are sparse. Please let me know about any good
music I missed.
I hope y’all have a safe and happy 4th!
Happy Birthday mama! I love you.
Music recommendations:
Wednesday, July 3
Green Room 10 p.m. FREE!
O ATHENS WHERE ART THOU A weekly bluegrass revue led by guitarist Bo
Hembree and featuring various guests.
Flicker Theatre & Bar 9 p.m. $4.
FASTER CIRCUITS Local psych-pop band.
HOT FUDGE New project from psychedelic guitar wizard Kris Deason (Dark Meat,
Dream Boat).
Orange Twin Conservation Community
5 p.m. $10 ($5 for parking, or FREE with full car).
THE ATHENS COWBOY CHOIR Local group featuring members of James
Husband, Of Montreal, The Glands and Elf Power singing songs from the frontier. (11
THE DARNELL BOYS  The three Darnell brothers play and sing country blues
originals backed by upright bass, singing saw and junkyard percussion. (10 p.m.)
THE SHOAL CREEK STRANGLERS Local roots folk duo featuring members of
The Humms. (9 p.m.)
ART ROSENBAUM Local musician and historian plays a set. (8 p.m.)
THE ORANGE TWIN FAMILY BAND Various members of the long-running local
collective perform. (7 p.m.)
OLD TIME PICKIN CIRCLE Led by Justin Manglitz. (5-7 p.m.)
Thursday, July 4th
The Office Lounge Blues Night. 9 p.m. FREE! 706-546-0840
THE SHADOW EXECUTIVES Get your fill of straight-up, authentic blues covers
from this skilled Athens five-piece. This is an open jam and guests are welcome!
The Melting Point 3 p.m. $20 (adv.), $25 (door).
CLASSIC CITY AMERICAN MUSIC FESTIVAL Day-long roots music festival,
featuring Adam Klein & The Wild Fires (4 p.m.), The Honeycutters (4:30 p.m.),
BorderHop Trio (5:30 p.m.), BlueBilly Grit (6 p.m.), String Theory (7 p.m.), Dr. Ralph
Stanley & the Clinch Mountain Boys (8 p.m.), High Strung String Band (9:30 p.m.)
and Packway Handle Band (10 p.m.)
Friday, July 5
Caledonia Lounge 10 p.m. $5 (21+), $7 (18-20).
KARBOMB High-speed local punk band.
SEAGULLS Punk band from Atlanta, GA.
BURNS LIKE FIRE Local, melodic punk rock band with anthemic vocals comprised
of ex-members of Guff, Karbomb, and Celerity.
Saturday, July 6
40 Watt Club 9 p.m. $5.
THE SALT FLATS Melodic, country-inspired local guitar-rock band.
co co ri co Energetic local art-rock band.
BURNING ANGELS Local country-rock band led by songwriter Mark Cunningham.
GLASSCRAFTS Driving, energetic psych-pop band featuring Grass Giraffes’ Steven
Trimmer and Robby Casso.
Bishop Park Athens Farmers Market. 8 a.m. FREE!
EMILY STILWELL Young singer/songwriter from Stockbridge, GA. (8 a.m.)
RED OAK SOUTHERN STRING BAND This Watkinsville-based band plays rootsy
Americana tunes. (10:15 a.m.)
Monday, July 8
The World Famous 8 p.m. FREE!
KENOSHA KID Centered around the instru-improv jazz compositions of guitarist
Dan Nettles, Kenosha Kid also features bassist Robby Handley and drummer Marlon
Patton. The group is packed with music, mischief, general mayhem, and offers a
sound far from the middle of the road, serving noise-rock fans and jam band listeners
Nowhere Bar 10 p.m. FREE! 706-546-4742
OL’ TIME MEDICINE SHOW Hosted by Adam Poulin.
Tuesday, July 9
Nowhere Bar 9 p.m. FREE! 706-546-4742
TUESDAY NIGHT CONFESSIONAL Host Fester Hagood presents this week’s
showcase of singer-songwriter talent, featuring Paris Luna, Andrew Heaton & Marie
Davon, and Barry Waldrep.
State Botanical Garden of Georgia Sunflower Music Series. 7 p.m. $15.
CAROLINE AIKEN One of Athens’ most talented and respected performing
songwriters. Her bluesy voice and masterful technique guarantee a hypnotic
THE HOBOHEMIANS This six-piece, acoustic band utilizes banjo, ukulele, flute,
accordion, saxophone, piano, various percussion, drums and bass to perform popular
American and European roots music of the 1910s, ’20s and ’30s: a potent mix of
proto-jazz, blues and folk.
My schedule will be light this week. I really need to fix the web site. I wanted to catch
Kris’s Hot Fudge Wed. and Burns Like Fire Fri but don’t know if I will. Mon I will be
at Kenosha Kid then Adam Poulin’s show. Tues I’ll try for Caroline Aiken’s show.
I hope to see y’all at the shows.
Peace and Love,

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