Music This Week Aug 21st thru Aug 28th

Hey there,
I want to start off with news some of you know but it never hurts to be sure you know about one of my favorite band’s predicament. Cosmic Charlie’s touring van and trailer was demolished by a tree falling on it. The van was a total loss and you guessed it, the insurance company weaseled out saying it was an Act of God. Personally I think the insurance company should have to prove the existence of God before placing blame. They have a Kickstarter program to help with the cost of replacing the van:

Please help them any way you can, money is best but if nothing else please pass the word around to as many people as you can. They don’t get anything if they don’t hit their $5,000 goal. Thank you for any and all help.
Next, Facebook or FaceCrack as some call it. I have been receiving a number of Friend requests on my new Facebook account, Thank you but I only have that account to enable me to create a Facebook account for LiveMusicAthensGA. I don’t use my personal account (someone offered to help me with that and I’ll wait until she has time to help, all things in their time) so I’m not answering Friend requests. It’s not you it’s me. Long story so you can skip it if bored. I signed up for eHarmony a few years ago late on a Fri night. I answered all questions honestly without embellishing anything. I actually thought it did a very good job of classifying me (wants, needs, direction, etc) so I quit for the night. I went back to look at my profile on Sun and found it had been posted and there were nearly 50 responses. One person send three, in the last one she was real mad because I hadn’t responded. All seemed to be from people who were desperate to be married, as that would somehow validate them as a person, definitely not what I was looking for ( I’m looking for a strong woman who already is her own person and doesn’t need validation) It’s not that I have anything against marriage, been there, done that, got half  the T-shirts (it was an amiable split we took turns selecting the T-shirts). Anyway I immediately closed the account. I’m not sure what to expect with Facebook, I’m just not ready to go further without guidance.
Finally, you may have noticed one of the Athens musicians hasn’t been seen all summer, Brent Hedrick quit his job at the Globe and left for Colorado to help combat the forest fires. The last I’ve heard he is well and in Montana fighting the forest fires there. Please join me in wishing him a safe return.
Here are  some things you might like:
Who said sit-in protests don’t work?:
Music recommendations:
I’ll start with one I missed in last week’s email

Triz’s Eclectric Tuesdays feat. Adam Payne  Nowhere Bar 11pm

Wednesday, Aug. 22, 2012

Athens Farmers Market w/ Mad Whiskey Grin Athens City Hall 5pm

Breathlanes Hendershot’s Coffee Bar 8pm

Dial Indicators Farm 255 8pm

Craig Lieske, Echo Canyon, Craig Lieske Blues Band, Jeff Chasteen  Flicker Theatre & Bar 9pm

Thursday, Aug. 23, 2012

Low Tyed (Scott Low & Ty Manning)  DePalma’s Italian Cafe 6pm

Drive-By Truckers, Jay Gonzalez and the Guilty Pleasures  Georgia Theatre 8pm

Thayer Sarrano WUOG 8pm

Dan Nettles & the Extra-Special Guests  Hendershot’s Coffee Bar 8pm

Frank and the Stranglers  Nowhere Bar 10pm

Higher Learning, gemNeye  New Earth Music Hall 9pm

Lazy Locomotive Your Pie Broad St. 10pm
Friday, Aug. 24, 2012

Drive-By Truckers, Jay Gonzalez and the Guilty Pleasures  Georgia Theatre 8pm

Kenney-Blackmon String Band  Hendershot’s Coffee Bar 8pm

Loudon Wainwright III, MARTHA  Melting Point 8pm-

Eddie & The Public Speakers  Nowhere Bar 10pm

Low Tyed (Scott Low & Ty Manning)  Georgia Bar 10:30pm

Chromazone Amici 11pm

Saturday, Aug. 25, 2012

Athens Farmers Market w/ Whisper Kiss, The Hobohemians  Bishop Park  8am

The Vineyard  Front Porch Book Store 6pm

The Packway Handle Band, The Corduroy Road, Cicada Rhythm   Georgia Theatre 8pm

Quiabo de Chapeu Hendershot’s Coffee Bar 9pm

Back to School Party with Abbey Road LIVE!  Melting Point 9pm

Scarlet Stitch  Office Lounge 10pm

Showtime, Lowdive Farm 255 11pm

Sunday, Aug. 26, 2012

Nuci’s Space presents: Camp Amped Instructors Showcase Melting Point 5pm

Kate Morrissey CD release show w/ Mercies  Globe 7pm

Sunday Night at the Bowling Alley Blues Band  Ten Pins Tavern 7:30pm

Monday, Aug. 27, 2012

Thomas Wynn & the Believers  Georgia Theatre 9pm Rooftop

Tuesday, Aug. 28, 2012

Sunflower Music Series w/ Grogus  State Botanical Garden of Georgia 7pm

Ike Stubblefield and Friends  Hendershot’s Coffee Bar 8pm

Another great week of music, fortunately my friend Sloan will be recording a number of shows so I will be able to hear the shows I’ll miss while recording elsewhere. Tonight I am going to Ike Stubblefield’s show then to Adam Payne & Triz (my first time to see Triz). Wed is hectic with two Don’t Miss shows John Miley’s breathlanes and Craig Lieske’s Echo Canyon. I’ll start recording at Breathlanes, leave my recorder there and go to Echo Canyon. Depending on when I have to retrieve my recorder I may have time to catch Dial Indicators. Thurs is another monster night, Isince Sloan is doing both Drive-By shows (probably 80 – 90% of all Drive-By recordings are from Sloan) I’ll start with Low Tyed then to Dan Nettles, then to Higher Learning, gemNeye, ending with Lazy Locomotive, a new group of good friends I’m really looking forward to hearing. Fri I’ll be starting with Kenny- Blackmon then to Eddie and Public Speakers. Sat I highly recommend starting with Whisper Kiss & The Hobohemians but no way I’ll be there at 8AM! I’ll be at Abbey Road LIVE! then to Showtime & Lowdive. Sun definitely be at the Nuci’s Space show at MP @ 5PM and hope to catch some of Blues at Ten Pins. Mon Thomas Wynn. Tues I’ll try for Grogus, then to Scott, Ty and Kelly at New Earth ending up at GATH rooftop show with Grass Giraffes & Abandon the Earth Mission.
I hope to see y’all at the shows.
Peace and Love,

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