Music This Week April 30th thru May 6th

Hey there,
Just in case you didn’t know, this Sat and Sun May 3rd & 4th is the 36th Athens Human Rights Festival Downtown Athens FREE!!!
Y’all please come downtown and join us as we shut down the heart of downtown Athens for two days. We have over 20 bands performing and nearly two dozen speakers talking about issues important to us all. We need a few people on Fri to help us raise the stage and take down the stage on Sun. If you can follow directions and would like to help just show up. We will be closing College Ave around 5-6 pm on Fri.
Corrections to the tabloid info; Dancing Flowers for Peace will perform at 1:00 Sat, Project Safe will speak at 4:30 Sat and on Sun Feelin’ Groovy will perform at 7:20 pm not 7:50 pm.
For those of you that didn’t read further in my email the first of April, the announced R.E.M. reunion was an April Fools Day hoax.
I would like to give a special shout out to Dan Everett for being a long time supporter of AHRF. Don’t miss his band Repent at Leisure at 2:00 on Sun. Also to Tommy Jordan who will be playing at 4:55 Sat with William Tonks. Tommy has played in every one of our festivals.
I still can’t announce who is playing in the 5:45 slot on Sat but they are on of my favorite bands in Athens. A definite Don’t Miss.I will let you know on Friday.
I am almost finished posting the Wanee festival and hope to complete the posting today. Enjoy!

Music recommendations:
Wednesday, April 30
Caledonia Lounge 9 p.m. $5 (21+), $7 (18-20).
THE NEW SOUND OF NUMBERS Experimental pop and post-punk project led by Hannah Jones, visual artist and percussionist for Supercluster.
ZOMBIE ZOMBIE French electro-pop/techno duo that John Carpenter apparently sometimes listens to.
CULT OF RIGGONIA Experimental soundscapes with tribal, world music beats and ornate instrumentation.

Nowhere Bar 10 p.m. FREE! 706-546-4742
DIRT NAP A blend of bluegrass, country and Americana.

Thursday, May 1
Green Room 9 p.m. $5.
DANGFLY Local rock band featuring an all-star lineup, including Adam Payne, Shawn Johnson, Jay Rodgers, Scotty Nicholson and Adam Poulin.
CHARLIE AND THE FOXTROTS Folk-pop band from Nashville, TN.
RADIO BIRDS Rock band from Atlanta.

Hendershot’s Coffee Bar 8 p.m.
QUIABO DE CHAPEAU Brazilian funk ensemble out of Atlanta, bringing dancing and Carnaval to the stage.

The Melting Point 8 p.m. $5 (adv.), $7 (door).
NORMA RAE This local four-piece plays soulful, distinctively Southern Americana.
HANNAH ALDRIDGE Muscle Shoals, AL-based Americana singer-songwriter.

Friday, May 2
40 Watt Club Tim for Athens! 8 p.m. $5.
MADELINE Bell-voiced songwriter Madeline Adams plays endearing songs of smalltown loves, hopes and other assorted torments and joys.
MATT HUDGINS Local songwriter plays “songs about drinking, jail, love and death, all done in the popular ‘country and western’ musical style.”
NORMA RAE This local four-piece plays soulful, distinctively Southern Americana.

Georgia Theatre 7 p.m. SOLD OUT!
THE STRING CHEESE INCIDENT Critically acclaimed progressive bluegrass band from Colorado.
JOHN DRISKELL HOPKINS Singer-songwriter known for working and touring with the Zac Brown Band.

Georgia Theatre On the Rooftop. 11 p.m. FREE!
THE HEAVY PETS R&B rock band known for its energized live performances.

Nowhere Bar 10 p.m. FREE! 706-546-4742
SUMILAN Technically proficient musicians playing progressive jam rock.

The Office Lounge 6 p.m. 706-546-0840
REV. CONNER MACK TRIBBLE Newly relocated back to his old stomping grounds of Athens, Tribble is a Georgia rock and roll fixture.

Saturday, May 3
36th Athens Human Rights Festival Downtown Athens FREE!!!
Childen’s festival
10:00-10:40 – Montessori Ukulele Club
10:50-11:20 – Woopets
11:30-1:00 – Girls with Guitars
* Full schedule at:
1:00 – Festival Welcome / Adam Payne / Dancing Flowers for Peace
2:05 – Holly Belle
3:00 – Battle of the Bands winner
4:00 – The Plague
4:55 – Mr Jordan and Mr Tonks
5:45 – Special Guests – To Be Announced
7:00 – Lowdive
8:00 – The Heap
10:10 – Midnight – Five Eight

Bishop Park Athens Farmers Market. 8 a.m. FREE!
PAUL LOMBARD Local blues singer. (8 a.m.)
WHISPER CHARLIE Members of Whisper Kiss and Cosmic Charlie team up. (10 a.m.)

Caledonia Lounge 9:30 p.m. $5 (21+), $7 (18-20).
EFREN This local band, led by vocalist Scott Low, plays rootsy, rocking Americana.
THE WOODGRAINS Local band that plays a blend of funk, rock and soul featuring three vocalists and charismatic harmonies.
JOSH PERKINS BAND Long-running local folk-rocker leads his band.

Georgia Theatre 7 p.m. SOLD OUT!
THE STRING CHEESE INCIDENT Critically acclaimed progressive bluegrass band from Colorado.
JOHN DRISKELL HOPKINS Singer-songwriter known for working and touring with the Zac Brown Band.

Green Room 11 p.m.
LINGO Jam band featuring heavy guitar melodies, African and Latin grooves, old-school funk and fusion jazz.

The Melting Point 8 p.m. $15 (adv.), $20 (door).
RANDALL BRAMBLETT BAND This established Georgia singer-songwriter’s Southern-tinged music pulls from a variety of influences.
KYSHONA ARMSTRONG Soulful singer-songwriter with a rootsy, bluesy sound.
OLD SKOOL TRIO Funk, blues, and jazz featuring Carl Lindberg on bass, Seth Hendershot on drums and Jason Fuller on keys. Playing original compositions and the music of The Funky Meters, Dr. John, War, Sly and the Family Stone, Billy Preston, Stevie Wonder, Funkadelic and more.

Sunday, May 4
36th Athens Human Rights Festival Downtown Athens FREE!!!
* Full schedule at:
2:00 – Welcome/Repent at Leisure
2:50 – Craig Rafuse
3:40 – Battle of the Bands winner
4:30 – The Po’Boys
5:00 – Life the Griot
5:20 – Odd Trio
6:20 – Uncle Pizza
7:20 – Feelin’ Groovy
8:30 – Kick the Robot

Monday, May 5
Nowhere Bar 10 p.m. FREE! 706-546-4742
BLUES NIGHT WITH BIG C Nobody in Athens sings the blues quite like Big C (frontman for Big C and the Ringers). Expect lots of soulful riffs, covers and originals.

Tlaloc El Mexicano Restaurant 2 p.m. FREE! 706-613-9301
SINKY DEY MAYO MOOSE SACK FEST A smattering of experimental-leaning music to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, featuring ChamberMusic, Dip, Gobby, Wild of Night, Mothers, Manny and the Deepthroats, Half Acid, Cult of Riggonia, Las Poyitas, Lavender Holyfield, Michael Collins, David B. Greenberg, Coombsbot, Distant Planet, Lip Generation, The Clutching Dream and Harmoos.

Tuesday, May 6
Georgia Theatre 8 p.m. $10.
DUBCONSCIOUS The local dub, reggae and bass collective returns.
CHERRY ROYALE Psychedelic funk and soul-inspired rock band from Atlanta.

The Melting Point Terrapin Tuesday. 7 p.m. $5.
MANMADE MOUNTAINS Local modern-folk crew drawing inspiration from groups like The Avett Brothers.
CANDID COAL PEOPLE Local foot-stomping dance-folk group.

Nowhere Bar 9 p.m. FREE! 706-546-4742
TUESDAY NIGHT CONFESSIONAL Fester Hagood hosts this weekly series showcasing a series of acoustic solo sets from some of the most talented singer-songwriters in town and across the country.

I will be at JGBCB tonight.I will try for Quiabo de Chapeau on Thurs, it is Tony Oscar’s last show before he moves out of town. Fri I’m helping build the AHRF stage, someone please ask The Heavy Pets playing on the GATH rooftop to play loud so we can hear them. I will try to catch some of Whisper Charlie Sat morning on the way to the AHRF. I agree with Susan Staley, I think Cosmic Kiss would be a better name. I will be recording the whole AHRF on Sat and Sun, speakers and bands. Monday if I survive AHRF I’ll be at Big C’s Blues Jam and may try for some of Sinky Dey Mayo Moose Sack Fest. Tues I’m on the road for FL to visit a friend and then the Purple Hatter’s Ball. I’m really looking forward to Beats Antique.
I hope to see y’all at the shows.
Peace and Love,

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