Music This week Jan 13th thru Jan 19th

Hey there,
Something that seems to happen far too often, another musical genius has passed, David Bowie. The music world has lost one of its brightest stars. I was fortunate to have seen him several times and during several of his reinventions of his career. He ranks among the greatest on stage personas, Elton John, Mick Jagger, Freddie Mercury, etc. I saw a commercial a few days ago promoting his new album and I thought them that he was in very poor health. I didn’t know he was late stage cancer. He will be sorely missed. Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be many flamboyant geniuses out there to take up his mantle. There is some silver lining to this, we can expect Timi Conley and crew to play a tribute show. I just found out it will be Jan 21st at GATH. Timi will have Andrew Hanmer,Jay Rodgers,Kristoffer Dede Giddens,Chris McKay,Michael Wegner and John James join him for a fantastic show. If you never saw Timi channel David Bowie in his Ziggy Stardust shows you are in for a real treat. A definite DON’T MISS.
I’ve finally gotten the time to listen to some of my archive (that should happen more often now that football season is winding down. My Packers are still alive in the hunt for a Super Bowl ring, GO PACK GO!!!) Anyway, if you are a fan of Simon & Garfunkel, check out Feelin Groovy .
Something I’ve been meaning to tell y’all about for a while, LiveMusicAthensGA has gone international. Folks I met at I believe Wannee Fest sent my address to their friends in England. They described the site as Brilliant (which I’m pretty sure in the Queen’s English means pretty good. Far better than I rate the site, adequate at best is how I feel). Which brings me to the final topic, I am looking for someone to take over my web site. I have always wanted this site to be so much more than an archive. I want it to be the central point in a commune of people involved in Athens’ music. I want you to look here first when you need a graphics artist for your CD cover or when you need a bass player for your band, someone to set up and run a PA at your gig, help creating an EPK or help booking your band, create or augment an existing radio station, etc, etc. I will still contribute recordings and this weekly blog and don’t worry the music archive will always be free. I started this by jumping in and working my way out. I learned enough to solve the problems at hand, I never had time to learn how to properly create and run a web site. It won’t take too much lip stick to dress up this pig, someone that actually knows what they are doing should be able to really make the site take off. If nothing else with a little effort it will make a fantastic addition to your portfolio showing the site now and after you worked on it. Social networking is a must as that is my weakness. I haven’t had time to figure that out yet.I am serious about turning the site over to the right person and wanted to sent the word out first to the people that have followed me all these years. If I don’t hear from y’all I will advertise in Flagpole, Red & Black, Banner Herald, etc so don’t bogart.
I will be dialing down my recording schedule. If I already have a good show of a band I will be less likely to show up and record another. I never started out to be an archivist, I just wanted y’all to be able to hear what the bands sound like so you can decide to attend the next time the band played. With 687 bands currently on my site I’m certain you can find something to listen to. Now I need someone to help make it easier to find the band you want.
We have the Athens Nurses Clinic Benefit at The Foundry on Fri, great music, great cause, check it out. The same for the Nancy Travis Childcare Project Benefit at Hendershot’s Coffee Bar on Sat.
My pick of the week is Lettuce Wed at GATH.

Music recommendations:
Wednesday, January 13
Flicker Theatre & Bar 9 p.m.
JUAN DE FUCA New solo pop project from Uncle Dad member Jack Cherry.
THE HERNIES Local indie rock band led by songwriter Henry Barbe.
TAMARRON Psychedelic rock band from Austin, TX.
DRYSPELL Austin, TX-based garage-pop group.

Georgia Theatre 8 p.m. $20.
LETTUCE New York-based funk band.
NEW BREED BRASS BAND NOLA-based, funk-inspired brass band.

Live Wire 8 p.m. FREE!
OPEN MIC & LATE NIGHT JAM Drums, keys and amps are provided. Come share your music, jam with other musicians, and have a great time! Hosted by local band Blackwater Deep.

Nowhere Bar 10 p.m. 706-546-4742
MC FUNK JAM Funk all night
Terrapin Beer Co. 5:30 p.m. FREE!
HIBBS BROTHERS Featuring Rob Hibbs on acoustic guitar and Garrett Hibbs on mandolin, showcasing originals and covering singer-songwriters such as Townes Van Zandt, Neil Young and Howe Gelb.

Thursday, January 14
The Foundry 8 p.m. $12 (adv.), $15 (door).
DEVON ALLMAN BAND Greg Allman’s son and former Royal Southern Brotherhood frontman performs with his new band.
ZALE Young, classically trained singer-songwriter leads her alt-rock band.

Georgia Theatre 8 p.m. $12 (adv.), $15 (door).
CHRIS KNIGHT Kentucky-based Southern rock singer-songwriter whose 15-year career has been described as “where Cormac McCarthy meets Copperhead Road.”
RADIO BIRDS Bluesy, Americana-leaning rock band from Atlanta

Hendershot’s Coffee Bar 8 p.m. FREE!
JAZZ JAM Some of our town’s most talented jazz musicians get together at this monthly happening. Bring your axe, or grab a brew and a table and give an ear.

The Office Lounge 8 p.m. 706-546-0840
REV. CONNER MACK TRIBBLE Tribble is a Georgia rock and roll fixture. He hosts an “all-star jam” every Thursday.

Friday, January 15
The Foundry Athens Nurses Clinic Benefit. 7:30 p.m. $12 (adv.), $15 (door).
MRJORDANMRTONKS Collaboration between longtime Athens musicians Tommy Jordan and William Tonks, featuring rootsy guitar picking and paired vocal melodies.
THE WILDJORDANTONKSCATS AND FRIENDS Long-running local blues group The Wildcats teams up with other local musicians.
CAROLINE AIKEN AND CATCH A C.A.B. One of Athens’ most talented and respected performing songwriters. Her bluesy voice and masterful technique guarantee a hypnotic performance.

Georgia Theatre 9 p.m. SOLD OUT.
WAKA FLOCKA FLAME Popular Atlanta-based rapper known for hits like “O Let’s Do It” and “Hard in Da Paint.”

Hendershot’s Coffee Bar 8 p.m. $5.
MELANIE AND NAYBORS Local downer-folk outfit led by German native singer-songwriter Melanie Morgan. Album release party!

Nowhere Bar 10 p.m. 706-546-4742
THE ORANGE CONSTANT Fusion-oriented local jam-rock band
The Office Lounge 8:30 p.m. 706-546-0840
ERIK NEIL BAND Local trio playing blues/rock covers and originals.

VFW 7 p.m.
SALLY & THE SIX GRAND BAND Long-running local country dance band.

Saturday, January 16
Hendershot’s Coffee Bar Nancy Travis Childcare Project Benefit. 8 p.m. $10 (suggested donation).
DAVE MARR & DON CHAMBERS Two stalwart local singer-songwriters team up.
PURPLE HOUSE AMBLERS Local folk project.
RED OAK SOUTHERN STRING BAND This Watkinsville-based band plays rootsy Americana tunes

Sunday, January 17
The Foundry AthCon. 6 p.m. $5 (FREE w/ wristband).
KICK THE ROBOT Power-pop trio from Atlanta with infectious energy.
CHECK THE SIGNS Uplifting local family band.

Hendershot’s Coffee Bar 6 p.m. FREE!
CLASSICAL REVOLUTION UGA School of Music graduates and students play works by Dvorak, Ligeti, Bach and more.

Saucehouse Barbeque 6 p.m. FREE!
LEAVING COUNTRIES This is a special “tent revival jam.” Says the band: “All musicians welcome to come jam out or just come listen.”

Monday, January 18
Caledonia Lounge 9 p.m. $5 (21+), $7 (18-20).
DES ARK Shapeshifting noise-rock band led by North Carolina songwriter Aimée Argote.
SAINTSENECA Columbus, OH-based indie-folk outfit signed to Anti-Records.

Hendershot’s Coffee Bar 8 p.m. $10.
GONZALO BERGARA QUARTET Acoustic group playing a modern variant of 1930s Django Reinhardt-inspired gypsy jazz.

Nowhere Bar 10 p.m. 706-546-4742
JAZZ FUNK JAM WITH MASON DAVIS Local jazz musician Mason Davis hosts a jam session.

Tuesday, January 19
FGo Bar 10 p.m. 706-546-5609
TWO’S DAY VISIONS featuring Leisure Service, Heat Sureens, Jack & Yoda, Lip Generation, Tom Visions and Genetic Outcast.

Nowhere Bar 10 p.m. 706-546-4742
S-WORDS AND FRIENDS Local band playing funky pop-rock with a touch of Southern jam.
I have no idea when or if I’ll be in town this week. I am at a nexus point and have a lot of things to figure out.
I hope to see y’all at the shows.
Peace and Love,

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