Listen to The Odd Trio at Hendershot’s 8-30-12

Hey there,
One step at a time, I’ve at least figured out how to play music in a post.This is still a long way from how this site will work. Please be patient, I’ll figure it out, I just need time.
I really felt bad that there was such a sparse turnout for some of the greatest music played this week. Here is the Odd Trio show, the first set it split into tracks, the second is not. This is a quite show, you may want to crank up the volume. Prepare yo be amazed when you hear how tight these incredible musicians perform, then factor in they had only one rehearsal since May, they took the summer off. Imagine what they could do when they practice!
Please let me know what you think or this change.

First Set Track  1
Track  2
Track  3
Track  4
Track  5
Track  6
Odd Trio at Hendershot’s 8-30-12  Second Set


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