Latest 37th Annual Athens Human Rights Festival Schedule

Hey there,
Here is today’s, hopefully, final schedule for the 37th Annual Athens Human Rights Festival this weekend. Whoever coined the phrase ‘Like herding cats’ didn’t know many musicians or it would be a different analogy. Please join us for a fantastic weekend of speakers discussing topics important to everyone on the planet and a fantastic lineup of music.
We have gone to great lengths to bring y’all this fantastic weather so the least you can do is show up and enjoy it with us.
BTW The cool tie dye T-shirts sell out quickly so don’t dawdle.


COLLEGE SQUARE (College Ave & Broad St.)

Kids and Youth Program
10:00 am- 11:20 am Montessori Singers with Mary Wooten and the Woopets
11:30 am-1:00 pm Girls with Guitars

1:00 pm Festival welcome/ Music: Craig Rafuse
1:30 pm Music: Battle of the Bands Winner: Feedback
1:55 pm Speakers: Casa de Amistad/Freedom University
2:35 pm Speakers: Undocumented Students Alliance/Open Mic
3:00 pm Music: Benjamin Floyd
3:30 pm Speakers: ULEAD/Colors of Connection
4:00 pm Music: Tongues
4:30 pm Speakers: Georgia Care Project/Habitat for Humanity
4:55 pm Music: Mr. Jordan & Mr. Tonks
5:25 pm Speakers: Millard Farmer, Activist Attorney
Deb Beacham, My Advocate Center
5:45 pm Music: Let it Rip
6:45 pm Speakers: Professor Emeritus Eugene Wilkes/UGA Law School
7:00 pm Music: Shadow Executives
7:50 pm Speakers: Project Safe
8:00 pm Music: Reverend Tribble and the Deacons
9:00 pm Speakers: Lambda Alliance
9:10 pm Divas
10:00 pm Speakers: Sasha
10:10 pm Music:  JGBCB  Jerry Garcia Band Cover Band

1:30 pm Welcome Music: Repent at Leisure
2:00 pm Music: Art Rosenbaum
2:20 pm Speakers: Interfaith Hospitality Network /Jubilee Partners
2:30pm Speakers: Tyrone Brooks /  Adam Veale
2:50 pm Music: Battle of the Bands Winner: Solid Ground
3:20 pm Speakers: Community Connection/Family Connection /Open mic
3:40 pm Music: Percy Sledgehammer
4:10 pm Speakers: Georgia Conflict Center /Economic Justice Coalition
4:30 pm Music: Breathlanes
5:00 pm Speakers: Melissa Link/ACC Commissioner/Women in Black
5:20 pm Music: Dangfly
6:00 pm Speakers: Athens-Clarke Co. NAACP/Life the Griot
6:20 pm Music: Squalls
7:10 pm Speakers: Athens for Everyone
7:20 pm Music: Ralph Roddenbery
8:15 pm Featured Speakers: Philip Lee Williams, Author
Ed Tant, Columnist Athens Banner-Herald
8:45 pm Music: Abbey Road Live! All-Star Review

I hope to see y’all there.
Peace and Love,

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