I have some good news and some devastatingly bad news

Hey there,
I have some good news and some devastatingly bad news.
First the good, I missed listing what should be a really great show Sat at Nowhere Bar around 10pm. As you know the hardest thing for musicians to do is think upĀ  a name for the band, second hardest thing is remembering the name as they are usually in so many different bands. These guys resolved both problems by using their names which between all them they usually can remember. So definitely check out Nic Wiles, Andrew G, Drew Hart and Matt Shirley. at Nowhere this Sat.
Now for the devastatingly bad news (I had the above info ready to post when I found this out). My dear friend and incredible human being Craig Lieski has passed. This just in from Flagpole:http://flagpole.com/blogs/homedrone/posts/local-musician-craig-lieske-has-died-1
Flagpole has received the very sad news that local musician Craig Lieske has passed away, reportedly due to an aneurysm. Lieske, who was a member of local improv-rock group Garbage Island, as well as a member of the Drive-By Truckers’ touring crew, contributed his talents to countless other local bands during his many years in Athens.
Lieske was 48. We’ll update with details on a memorial service as they arrive. In the meantime, we’ll be publishing a memorial in next week’s issue. Please send thoughts and remembrances to music@flagpole.com by Monday morning.
I am in a state of shock. The world has lost an incredible person and a stellar musician. His Garbage Island and Echo Canyon ensembles were as good as it gets and were always a Don’t Miss. Craig has provided me with some of my most cherished recordings and some of the best music I’ve ever experienced. My real regret on Wed was I had commitments to record other shows and had to miss what was his last show (if I had that clone I would definitely have been at Craig’s show). Please join me in sending Peace, Love, Strength and Healing vibes to Melinda and for all Craig’s family and friends..
Craig you are loved and you will be forever missed. Happy Trails.
Peace and Love,

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