40th Athens Human Rights Festival

40th Athens Human Rights Festival 2018
Color Key:  Speakers          Music

Saturday May 5th
Caroline Aiken’s New Guard *Partial set
Athens Anti-Discrimination Movement
Teen Social Justice Hour
Sara Zuniga
Dignidad Inmigrante en Athens
The Pussywillows
Indivisible Georgia District 10
Georgia Conflict Center
Misnomer (formerly Mister Tie Dye)
Tyrone Brooks, Moore’s Ford Movement 365
Full Moon School of Music Varsity Band
Millard Farmer / Richard Winfield, District 110 Candidate
Gypsy At Heart
Athens for Everyone
United Group of Artists, “La Tamko Collective”
Athens for Everyone
Benjamin Simpson
Ian Altman, Undoc. Students
Michael Guthrie
Georgia Equality / ACLU of Georgia
Timi & the Wonderland Rangers
Athens Pride
Diva Experience
Athens Swing Night Dancers
Sunday May 6th
Athens Immigrant Rights Coalition
Repent at Leisure
Gun Violence Prevention
Nancy Hernandez (National Alliance on
Mental Illness)
The Moonshine

Pat Peterson (Project Safe)
Clarke Central HS Students
Jefferson Shuttlecraft
Athens for Everyone
Athens Cowboy Choir
 Indivisible Georgia District 10
UGA Law School Professor
Emeritus Eugene Wilkes,
“Dr. Frankenstein’s Darling”
Reverend Conner Tribble
 Citizen Climate Lobby /
Georgia Climate Change Coalition
 Open Mike
Klezmer Local 42
Ed Tant, Columnist, Athens
Universal Sigh




39th Athens Human Rights Festival

39th Athens Human Rights Festival
Color Key:  Speakers          Music

Saturday May 6
The New Guard with Caroline Aiken *Partial set
Benjamin Simpson
Dan Everett Georgia Climate Change Coalition
Vashaun Jones-Cultural Activist for Blind Georgians
Sherri Tanner Project Safe
Shannon Martinez Former White Supremacist
Adam Payne
Tyrone Brooks-Moore’s Ford Movement
Dr Steele- National President SCLC
Fat Arm Daddy
A4E Athens for Everyone
AIRC  Athens Immigrant Rights Coalition

Athens Cowboy Choir
Michelle Sanchez Executive VP at Young Democrats
Warren McPherson
Mister Tie Dye
Rob Wood – Georgia Equality
Timi and Wonderland Rangers
Ted Terry – Mayor of Clarkston Ga
Klezmer Local 42
Hip Hop Activist Ricky Simone
* For the 2nd year in a row the Diva Experience and Universal Sigh were rained out. We hope the third time will be the charm as we will try again to get them on stage for next year’s 40th festival.

Sunday May 7
AIRC – Athens Immigrant Rights Coalition
AADM – Athens Anti-Discrimination Movement
A4E –  Athens for Everyone
Repent At Leisure
Millard Farmer
Chad Clay-Immigration

Jefferson Shuttlecraft
Dawn Johnson-Indivisible Athens
Reverend Conner Tribble
Athens Green Party
The Norm
Open mike

Caroline Aiken and CATCH A C.A.B.
Ed Tant
Working Class Heroes


The HOOT! @ The Melting Point 9-12-16
Susan Staley & Bill Oglesby
Hog-Eyed Man
Cortez Garza
Borderhop Trio

Sweetheart Duets @ The HOOT! @ Melting Point 2-8-16
Sarah and Darrin Cook
Kate Morrissey and Roger Stahl
Jenny and Jamie Derevere
Mary Sigalas and Matt Yelton
Olive Hebert and Riley Kirkpatrick
Nancy and Charlie Hartness
Cameron Federal and Russell Cook

The HOOT! @ The Melting Point 8-24-15
Hawk-Proof Rooster
The Dixieland 5
The Ale Raisers

Sweetheart Duets @ The HOOT! @ Melting Point 2-11-15
Sweetheart Duets-01          Sweetheart Duets-02
Sweetheart Duets-03          Sweetheart Duets-04
Sweetheart Duets-05          Sweetheart Duets-06
Sweetheart Duets-07          Sweetheart Duets-08

The HOOT! @ The Melting Point 9-15-14
Wrenn @ Melting Point 9-15-14
Marion Montgomery & Glyn Denham @ Melting Point 9-15-14
Marion & Glyn-01          Marion & Glyn-02
Jarekus Singleton @ Melting Point 9-15-14

 Jarekus Singleton-01           Jarekus Singleton-02
 Jarekus Singleton-03

The HOOT! @ The Melting Point 6-9-14
Athens Tango Project
Athens Tango Project-01
Athens Tango Project-02
Hope for Agoldensummer
Hope for Agoldensummer-01
Hope for Agoldensummer-02

Lowdive-01          Lowdive-02

The HOOT! @ The Melting Point 1-13-14
Appalachian Rhythm
Appalachian Rhythm-01          Appalachian Rhythm-02
Manmade Mountains
Manmade Mountains-01          Manmade Mountains-02
The Dixieland 5
The Dixieland 5-01         The Dixieland 5-02

The HOOT!  8-12-13
Amy Andrews
Amy Andrews-01          Amy Andrews-02
The Original Screwtops
The Original Screwtops Part-01           Part-02          Part-03

The HOOT!  6-10-13
Boycycle @ The HOOT! Melting Point 6-10-13
Boycycle-01          Boycycle-02          Boycycle-03
Boycycle-04          Boycycle-05
The Skipperdees@ The HOOT! Melting Point 6-10-13
Skipperdees-01          Skipperdees-02          Skipperdees-03
Skipperdees-04          Skipperdees-05          Skipperdees-06
High Strung String Band Acoustic @ The HOOT! Melting Point 6-10-13
High Strung String Band-01          High Strung String Band-02
High Strung String Band-03          High Strung String Band-04
High Strung String Band-05          High Strung String Band-06

The HOOT! 5-13-13
Katie Pruitt
Emerald Road
Red Oak Southern String Band

The HOOT! 4-8-13
Paul Lombard
The Solstice Sisters
The Vinyl Strangers

Lockn’ 2016

Lockn 2016

Thursday August 26th 2016
Joe Russo’s Almost Dead
*Walkup fade in

Friday August 26th 2016
Charles Bradley & His Extraordinaires
Donna The Buffalo
Peter Wolf

Phish 1st set          Phish 2nd set

White Denim

Saturday August 27th 2016
DJ Williams Projekt
Hard Working Americans
Keller Williams’ Grateful Grass
Moon Taxi
My Morning Jacket
Tedeschi Trucks Band

Sunday August 28th 2016
Chris Robinson Brotherhood
Doobie Decibel System
Gary Clark Jr.
Keller Williams’ Grateful Gospel
Phil Lesh & Friends

Phish 1st set          Phish 2nd set          Encore
The Dharma Initiative
The Wailers