Bear Creek Music Festival 2013

Bear Creek2013

Wendesday November 13 2013
Freddy’s Finest @ Bear Creek 11-13-13
Freddy’s Finest-01          Freddy’s Finest-02
Freddy’s Finest-03          Freddy’s Finest-04

The Revivalists @ Bear Creek 11-13-13  * Split and tagged by Joshua Kaster
Catching Fireflies
Stand Up
Concrete (Fish Out Of Water)
All In The Family
Not Turn Away
Common Cents
Souls Too Loud
Whipping Post

Thursday November 14 2013

The Malah @ Bear Creek 11-14-13
The Malah-01          The Malah-02
The Malah-03          The Malah-04
The Malah-05

Friday November 15 2013
Antibalas @ Bear Creek 11-15-13
Antibalas-01          Antibalas-02
Antibalas-03          Antibalas-04

Galactic @ Bear Creek 11-15-13 * Split and tagged by Joshua Kaster
Balkan Wedding
Dolla Diva
Ain’t No Love
Nobody Knows
Daddy’s Song
Hey Na Na
From The Corner To The Block
Baby I Got Your Money
From A Whisper To A Scream
Boe Money
When The Levee Breaks

Greenhouse Lounge @ Bear Creek 11-15-13
Greenhouse Lounge-01          Greenhouse Lounge-02
Greenhouse Lounge-03          Greenhouse Lounge-04

Ron Haynes Game Changers @ Bear Creek 11-15-13
Ron Haynes-01          Ron Haynes-02
Ron Haynes-03

Space Capone @ Bear Creek 11-15-13 * Partial set
Space Capone-01          Space Capone-02

The Revivalists @ Bear Creek 11-15-13  * Split and tagged by Joshua Kaster
Concrete (Fish Out Of Water)
To Love Somebody
Sunny Days
Catching Fireflies
Bullet Proof Vest
Two Ton Wrecking Ball
Forgot About Dre

Toubab Krewe @ Bear Creek 11-15-13
Toubab Krewe-01          Toubab Krewe-02
Toubab Krewe-03          Toubab Krewe-04

Saturday November 16 2013
Bear Creek All Stars @ Bear Creek 11-16-13
Featuring Dumpstaphunk, Lettuce and Special Guest
Bear Creek All Stars-01          Bear Creek All Stars-02
Bear Creek All Stars-03          Bear Creek All Stars-04
Bear Creek All Stars-05          Bear Creek All Stars-06
Bear Creek All Stars-07

Chali 2na and The House of Vibe @ Bear Creek 11-16-13
Chali 2na-01          Chali 2na-02
Chali 2na-03          Chali 2na-04

Cope @ Bear Creek 11-16-13
Cope-01          Cope-02          Cope-03
Cope-04          Cope-05

Dopapod @ Bear Creek 11-16-13
Dopapod-01          Dopapod-02
Dopapod-03          Dopapod-04

George Porter Jr. and The Runnin Pardners @ Bear Creek 11-16-13
George Porter-01          George Porter-02
George Porter-03          George Porter-04

Mike Dillon @ Bear Creek 11-16-13
Mike Dillon-01          Mike Dillon-02
Mike Dillon-03          Mike Dillon-04

Robert Walter’s 20th Congress @ Bear Creek 11-16-13
Robert Walter-01          Robert Walter-02
Robert Walter-03          Robert Walter-04
Robert Walter-05

The New Mastersounds @ Bear Creek 11-16-13
New Mastersounds-01          New Mastersounds-02
New Mastersounds-03          New Mastersounds-04
New Mastersounds-05

The Roots @ Bear Creek 11-16-13
Roots-01          Roots-02          Roots-03
Roots-04          Roots-05

Sunday November 17 2013
Dumpstaphunk @ Bear Creek 11-17-13

Dumpstaphunk-01          Dumpstaphunk-02
Dumpstaphunk-03          Dumpstaphunk-04

Lettuce @ Bear Creek 11-17-13
Lettuce-01         Lettuce-02          Lettuce-03
Lettuce-04         Lettuce-05

Jennifer Hartswick Band @ Bear Creek 11-17-13
Jennifer Hartswick-01          Jennifer Hartswick-02
Jennifer Hartswick-03          Jennifer Hartswick-04

Roosevelt Collier & Nigel Hall’s Gospel Surprise @ Bear Creek 11-17-13
Gospel Surprise-01          Gospel Surprise-02
Gospel Surprise-03

Skerik’s Orchestra At Large@ Bear Creek 11-17-13
Skerik’s Orchestra At Large-01          Skerik’s Orchestra At Large-02
Skerik’s Orchestra At Large-03

The Legendary JC’s @ Bear Creek 11-17-13
Legendary JC’s-01          Legendary JC’s-02
Legendary JC’s-03          Legendary JC’s-04

Zach Deputy @ Bear Creek 11-17-13
Zach Deputy-01          Zach Deputy-02
Zach Deputy-03          Zach Deputy-04

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