AURA Music & Arts Festival 2014

AURA2014Thursday February 13th 2014
Funky Nuggets @  Music Hall
Funky Nuggets-01          Funky Nuggets-02
Funky Nuggets-03

Greenhouse Lounge @  Music Hall
Greenhouse Lounge-01          Greenhouse Lounge-02
Greenhouse Lounge-03          Greenhouse Lounge-04
Greenhouse Lounge-05          Greenhouse Lounge-06

The Heavy Pets @ AURA Music & Arts Festival
The Heavy Pets-01          The Heavy Pets-02
The Heavy Pets-03          The Heavy Pets-04

Friday February 14th 2014
Displace @ Porch Stage
Displace-01          Displace02

Papadosio @ Amphitheater
Papadosio-01          Papadosio-02          Papadosio-03

Start Making Sense @ Music Hall
Start Making Sense-01          Start Making Sense-02
Start Making Sense-03          Start Making Sense-04
Start Making Sense-05          Start Making Sense-06

Stokeswood @ Porch Stage
Stokeswood-01          Stokeswood-02
Stokeswood-03          Stokeswood-04

The Resolvers @ Amphitheater
The Resolvers-01          The Resolvers-02
The Resolvers-03          The Resolvers-04

The Revivalists @ Amphitheater
The Revivalists-01          The Revivalists-02
The Revivalists-03          The Revivalists-04

Saturday February 15th 2014
Cope @ Music Hall
Cope-01          Cope-02

Dopapod @ Amphitheater
Dopapod-01          Dopapod-02
Dopapod-03          Dopapod-04

Future Rock @ Music Hall
Future Rock-01          Future Rock-02
Future Rock-03

Jimkata @ Music Hall
Jimkata-01          Jimkata-02

Marco Benevento @ Porch Stage
Marco Benevento-01          Marco Benevento-02
Marco Benevento-03          Marco Benevento-04

Mike Dillon @ Porch Stage
Mike Dillon-01          Mike Dillon-02
Mike Dillon-03          Mike Dillon-04

Papadosio @ AURA Music Festival
Papadosio-01          Papadosio-02          Papadosio-03

Particle @ Porch Stage
Particle-01          Particle-02
Particle-03          Particle-04

Pigeons Playing Ping Pong @ Amphitheater
Pigeons Playing Ping Pong-01
Pigeons Playing Ping Pong-02

Pigeons Playing Ping Pong-03
Pigeons Playing Ping Pong-04

Polyester Pimpstrap @ Music Hall
Polyester Pimpstrap-01          Polyester Pimpstrap-02
Polyester Pimpstrap-03

Superhuman Happiness @ Porch Stage
Superhuman Happiness-01          Superhuman Happiness-02
Superhuman Happiness-03

Sunday February 16th 2014
Earphunk @ Amphitheater
Earphunk-01          Earphunk02          Earphunk03
Earphunk-04          Earphunk05

Lotus @ Amphitheater
Lotus-01          Lotus02          Lotus03
Lotus-04          Lotus05          Lotus06

The Werks @ Amphitheater
The Werks-01          The Werks02
The Werks-03          The Werks04

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