AURA Music & Arts Festival 2016

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Thursday March 3, 2016
CBDB @ Vibe Tent

Electric Kif @ Porch Stage
Electric Kif

Fusik @ Vibe Tent
Fusik * Last half of set

Greenhouse Lounge @ Amphitheater Stage
Greenhouse Lounge *Final show of the band

Jimkata @ Porch Stage

Lucky Costello @ Amphitheater Stage
Lucky Costello

Pink Talking Fish @ Amphitheater Stage
Pink Talking Fish

The Fritz @ Porch Stage
The Fritz

The Werks @ Amphitheater Stage
The Werks

Third Nature @ Vibe Tent
Third Nature

Friday March 4, 2016
ALO @ Amphitheater Stage
* Last half of set

Backup Planet @ Vibe Tent
Backup Planet

Bedside – Live Band @ Vibe Tent
Bedside – Live Band

Ben Sparaco Band @ Amphitheater Stage
Ben Sparaco Band

Bright Light Social Hour @ Amphitheater Stage
Bright Light Social Hour

Crazy Fingers @ Amphitheater Stage
Crazy Fingers

Dank @ Porch Stage

Mike Dillon Band @ Porch Stage
Mike Dillon Band

Nunchuck! @ Vibe Tent

Particle @ Porch Stage

Roar @ Vibe Tent

The New Deal @ Amphitheater Stage
The New Deal

Thievery Corporation @ Amphitheater Stage
Thievery Corporation          Encore

Turkuaz @ Porch Stage

Saturday March 5, 2016
Aqueous @ Vibe Tent

Broccoli Samurai @ Vibe Tent
Broccoli Samurai

Bright Light Social Hour @ Amphitheater Stage
Bright Light Social Hour

Displace @ Porch Stage

Garrin Benfield @ Vibe Tent
Garrin Benfield

Holly Bowling @ Amphitheater Stage
Holly Bowling

Pigeons Playing Ping Pong @ Vibe Tent
Pigeons Playing Ping Pong

Snarky Puppy @ Amphitheater Stage
Snarky Puppy

The Disco Biscuits @ Amphitheater Stage
The Disco Biscuits 1st set          The Disco Biscuits 2nd set

The Heavy Pets Tribute to the 80s @ Amphitheater Stage
The Heavy Pets Tribute to the 80s

The Main Squeeze @ Porch Stage
The Main Squeeze

The Resolvers @ Porch Stage
The Resolvers

Tom Hamilton’s American Babies @ Porch Stage
Tom Hamilton’s American Babies

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