Athfest and Athens music history tours


Hey there,
Athfest has started! Great shows at the Flagpole awards.
Y’all have a great time! Drink plenty of water, try for a glass of water between a glass of whatever you are drinking. It not only hydrates but helps pace you through the day, you don’t want to miss the late night pub crawls.
Here is something that might interest some of you.
Athens music history tours 5:30 on Friday 6-22-12,  10:30 AM on Saturday 6-23 and 10:30 AM on Sunday 6-24 all start at Athens Welcomes Center on to 280 East Dougherty street call 706 353-1820 to reserve your seats. There are only nineteen available on the bus tours. all tour leave from Athens welcomes center. Friday at 5:30 PM is 90 minutes downtown walking toor that stop in at venues while they are doing their sound checks it s $15 per person. Saturday 10:30 AM is a combination walking and a bus tour going to the R.E.M. Steeple and murmur trestle in Weaver D’s $15 per person only nineteen seats available on the bus. Sunday at 10:30 AM is another bus tour into broader music history. bus tour through the city stops at a Oconee Hill Cemetery, Barber Street murmur trestle only nineteen spaces and its $15 per person.
I hope to see y’all at the shows.
Peace and Love,

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