An update and Kenosha Kid + Horns From Hell = Hendershot’s Residency March 18-23

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A quick update Sweet Knievel and The Dharma Initiative (from Hampton, Va) Thursday night at New Earth.
As promised :Kenosha Kid + Horns From Hell = Hendershot’s Residency March 18-23
Kenosha Kid

Dan Nettles : Guitar & Loops
Robby Handley : Bass
Marlon Patton : Drums

~ featuring the Horns From Hell ~ [full bios at end]

Jacob Wick (San Francisco): Trumpet
Peter Van Huffel (Berlin) : Alto Saxophone
Greg Sinibaldi (Seattle) : Tenor & Baritone Saxophone

Augmented by considerable talents from abroad, acclaimed genre-bending
jazz ensemble Kenosha Kid takes the stage six nights in a row to
showcase new compositions and explore music beyond the maps of

[Six evening residency at Hendershot’s Coffee in Athens, GA.]

8-11pm Monday March 18
8-11pm Tuesday March 19
8-11pm Wednesday March 20
8-11pm Thursday March 21
8-11pm Friday March 22
8-11pm Saturday March 23

Hendershot’s Coffee
1560 Oglethorpe Ave.
Athens, GA
(Next to Transmet)

Says composer, guitarist, and bandleader Dan Nettles :
“We meet this week in March to play, and during the daylight we record
a new, as yet untitled record, which is what I’d like to talk about

The record will feature mostly new compositions. The live shows on really stretch… we go some fantastic places…
and I’m really proud of all they have to offer. I wanted to take this
opportunity in the studio to do something the opposite… something more
composed, more arranged, and more textural. I keep thinking of the
wild exstacy of a record like “Band of Gypsies” and a beautiful,
arranged record like “Pet Sounds” and how they could somehow meet in
the middle.  Like, take the best of our wild 12 minute versions, and
distill them into something potent, beautiful and five minutes long.
Like moonshine…

To make this happen, I enlisted my longtime working rhythm section,
Marlon Patton and Robby Handley, who bring so much to the music, and
work together telpathically.  I called upon friends from afar to add
their unique voices: Peter Van Huffel from Berlin, Jacob Wick from San
Francisco, and Greg Sinibaldi from Seattle.  I have deep roots with
each of them, and for the past 8 months I have been fleshing out the
music with each of them in mind, finding ways for each voice to shine.

I’ve been working and saving towards this for about three years. I
wasn’t sure what it is all about, and I’m still finding my way towards
the music. I have to say that the wild cyclone of life continues to
educate me. There has been a lot of change, and love, and loss, and a
lot of healing from loss in my family, and among my
friends-who-are-family. Nothing new right ? Everyone has there fair
share, and that’s part of how I see this particular project.  We have
seeds, and trees, and roots, and storms that knock the trees down… the
same is in music, in how we take what we are born with, the language
we aquire, and the beauty and destruction we create with it. Somehow
this project will reflect all of this, and the webs that hold us all

$5-$20 sliding scale admission

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