ALERT !!! VIRUS in my emails sent with just a link in it DO NOT OPEN!! ALERT !!!


Hey there,
ALERT !!! VIRUS in my emails sent with just a link in it DO NOT OPEN!! ALERT !!!
The subject is Re:  or doesn’t have a subject at all and inside is just a link. To the best of my knowledge I got this Sat. from Dustin of Albatross. I was running out the door to go to the  Bungle in the Jungle and clicked on the link thinking it was something to do with the Bungle since he invited me to it. I run scans every two days on my machines and was going to run them on Sun when I got this email:
Hey Kurt,

I think your email account is send out some unintended stuff.  Often this is
caused by a spyware agent that simply sends things out to everyone in your
address book, and it doesn’t matter if it is web based.  Consider scanning
your computer for viruses. A good live cd for that can be downloaded free
here:  This site has an
image file that you can burn into a bootable CD using a normal CD burning
program such as Nero or Roxio. Windows 7 can natively burn CD’s from images
as well.  Simply boot up off the CD while the computer is connected to the
internet and follow the directions on the screen.  This is a good thing to
do because often links such as the one below point to malware sites that
will infect the computers of those who get the email and follow the links
thinking they are something else.  If you need any further assistance in
this, please don’t hesitate to contact me using the info below.


Mark Williams

Computer Professional Services
Personal service for all your computing needs.

Mark D. Williams
IT Technical Support Specialist
1860 Barnett Shoals Road
Suite 130 #455
Athens, GA 30605
(706) 248-7662

He also recommended two other free services Microsoft’s Security Essentials and Avast. I use Avast you can get it from, run a boot time scan. I also like free online scan.
I am so very sorry for any problems this may have caused you.
Peace and Love,

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