ALERT! Final Camp Amped Showcase Sat 21st @ 7pm Nuci’s Space A DON’T MISS


Hey there,
Sorry for all the updates this week. To try to make amends, here are some great downloads:
Jig Bone @ GATH 7-12-12
Website link:
Rollin’ Home @ GATH 7-12-12
Website link:
Sam Sniper @ GATH 7-18-12
Website link:
Clay Leverett & Friends @ GATH 7-12-12
Website link:
Important news, the final Camp Amped Showcase this summer is tomorrow, Sat July 21st. , at Nuci’s Space 7pm. Don’t miss it. If you don’t know about Camp Amped Here is video proof that you shouldn’t miss Camp Amped 
This video does a great job showing you the crowded, hot ,sweaty, HIGH energy, FUN time at a Camp Amped show. It doesn’t do justice sonically. These kids are really good musicians and I hope to capture that with my recordings this Sat.

I really wouldn’t think of leaving the Bungle in the Jungle except for a show like this. I hope y’all come out to support these kids and if you can please donate to Nuci’s Space. This is just one of the more visible aspects of all the great work they do there. If nothing else just thank any of the local musicians there who donated their time and talents to make this magic happen.
I hope to see you there.
Peace and Love,

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