2013 Athens Human Rights Festival

2013 AHRFsmallerAthens Human Rights Festival May 4th and 5th 2013
Saturday May 4th * rained out
Girls with Guitars
Art Rosebaum
Between Naybors

 Rescheduled Saturday June 8, 2013
John Lash – GA Conflict Center
Paul Lombard
Brenda Nordgren – Casa de Amistad
String Theory
Part-01          Part-02          Part-03
Katherinr Mullenberg & Sherri Tanner – Project Safe
Hart Sawyer & the Love Project
Part-01          Part-02
Ian Altman – Undocumented H.S. Students
Chris Kohler – Atlanta Peace and Justice Coalition
American Mannequins
Part-01          Part-02          Part-03
Todd Lister – GMOs
Russell Edwards – People for a Better Athens
Tyrone Brooks
Dan Evetett – Green Party
Part-01          Part-02          Part-03
Tim Destin – Occupy Athens
J D Smith & Peace of Mind
Part-01          Part-02          Part-03
Lowdive – Showdive
Part-01          Part-02          Part-03          Part-04
Life (Poet)
Women in Black
Michael Guthrie
Part-01          Part-02
Ian Michael Casey – Fifth Records & Radio
Ricky Simone – Gay Pride
Ed Tant
Cosmic Charlie
Part-01          Part-02          Part-03          Part-04          Part-05
Part-06          Part-07          Part-08          Part-09          Part10
Part-11          Part-12          Part-13

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