How it all began.  I started this blog as the next step in the evolution of my efforts to help local musicians in Athens GA.  I have become known around town as always being at the best shows in town. People started asking me what I would recommend for upcoming shows, so many that I started to write weekly e-mails telling people which shows I recommended. I now have about 250 people on my e-mail list.  About seven or eight months ago I bought an audio recorder and started recording live shows in Athens.  After editing the shows I would pose than on the Internet so people could download and listen to the shows. I’m trying to help get more people involved in the music scene in Athens. Athens always has been and will hopefully continue to be the center of the music’s scene in United States if not the world.  I spent countless hours listening to Grateful Dead music that tapers had produced over the years and I’m just trying to continue on in that tradition while helping to keep the music scene in Athens alive.
I am a systems analyst by nature and vocation.  I have a degree in computer science from the University of Georgia, The music scene in Athens is just another example of a system one that I feel has some major drawbacks and hopefully can be corrected.  The traditional business model for bands in town is for a group of musicians to get together and from this synergy of their efforts create the music.  They then do whatever  is necessary for them to raise the capital to create a CD, they then have a CD release party and sell some of their CD’s, at their next show they sell a few more CD then after five or six shows it changes from “hey, buy my CD” to “hey take a CD they’re free,pass some around to your friends “.  The problem is that Athens has a humongous wealth of musical talent but a very limited marketplace to support that talent.  The business model needs to change. I hope to instigate this change with this web site.