A quick update and a download


Hey there,
A quick update, boy send out an email and everyone crawls out of the woodwork and lets you  know what you missed. Here are two examples.
SNAP! @ Nowhere Bar 11pm Thurs. FREE!!!
Groove, New Orleans, Latin, Blues, and Funk >   featuring both Benji Shanks and David Yoke on guitars, Jason Fuller on keys.
Sweet Knievel  @ Nowhere Bar 11pm Sat. FREE!!!
These are two shows I’m really glad I found out about. I highly recommend both and will rearrange my schedule to attend both shows.
BTW if your band is at Nowhere it is always a good idea to do contact Flagpole yourself. Nowhere doesn’t do announcements. It would also be helpful to me to let me know before I send out my email so I don’t have to clutter up in boxes with updates. 😉
Also, I said I learned how to split the shows into separate tracks, I didn’t say I did it yet. The last two downloads I posted in email are still full show downloads. Here is the first show I split available for download: breathlanes @ Office 7-14-12
Website link: http://www.mediafire.com/folder/wc1wtjirrujw9
Peace and Love,
Peace and Love,

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