A quick update, a great festival and Leftover Salmon downloads

Hey there,
A quick update. Caroline Aiken is not playing at Front Porch Book Store Sat. She is playing in Nashville and canceled her show here but Flagpole still posted it.
There is a great festival coming up Oct 20th The Slow Water Music Festival, here is info:
The Slow Water site:  http://kayakslowwater.com/
More good news, y’all know I have been recommending my friends in Lazy Locomotive (check out their show on my site, not their usual show, 1st set all covers 2nd set almost all originals) well they are going to be the opening act for New Riders of the Purple Sage Oct 26th at New Earth. Not bad for a band that started a couple months ago.
Last but definitely not least, thank all of you for your kind words and thoughts regarding Siam passing. To show how your good thoughts manifested, yesterday I called several times to GA Theatre trying to find  out if Leftover Salmon would allow recording and always received news that they didn’t. I took my recording equipment into town but left it in car in case I wanted to record a show after Leftover. When I gave my credit card to the girl in the ticket booth she handed it back and said someone earlier had given her an extra ticket and she gifted me with it. As I am shaking hands with John the bartended starting to relate my good fortune with the ticket Vince Herman of Leftover walks by. I relayed how much I enjoyed their show at Wanee and asked if I could record and he said yes. Check my web site I posted it today. As I was checking Leftover’s web site for Vince’s name to include in this email, I found a link for a FREE download of two CDs, 28 tracks, covering the 20 years Leftover Salmon has been around: http://leftoversalmon.com/site/band/  you will have to look around it is in 4 pieces. BTW this is one of the best band sites I’ve come across, well thought out and crafted. They tell you about the free downloads but you have to read about the band to find the pieces. Those of you in a band making a web page should take notes.
Anyway, to make a long story longer, your good karma has come full circle back to you in the form of the free music. Enjoy!
Thanks again.
Peace and Love,

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