Three presents for you

Hey there,
Merry Christmas!
Three presents for you. First and time sensitive; Lockn’ early bird tickets are on sale. They are normally $249 but with the promo code “locknlumni” they are $199. They were $300 at the gate this year. This is the ticketing link:

To get a feel of the scale of this festival
Me at WSP Lockn
This is one of my favorite pics because it shows the scale of the event. There are two stages side by side so you are only looking at less than half the crowd. Also if you look under his left hand the guy with the hat is me. I’m looking back at the sound stage where my recorder is set up, it’s about 200 feet away, the big tent upper left.
Me at Lockn2
This shows where I spent the festival, front row for the festival. You can tell it’s me, I’m wearing my 34th Human Right Festival T-shirt but my face is blocked by guy waving hat.
For more pics go to hit Menu top right and go to galleries.
Next is music video of 16 year old singing Blue Christmas:
Finally, those of you looking for a white Christmas should check out this incredible snow artist Simon Beck:*G5SimcpDwlbVqGGnW-zmaRiJ8op36Wqpgeg9kBPc49L23JTpjYKWqNhi6NJ4npi00CXbrD9XexRWVfrNTeg*
Thank you for all the kind words and well wishes y’all sent.

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