38th Athens Human Rights Festival

Saturday April 30th
Music: Girls With Guitars- Vanda
Music: Repent At Leisure
Speaker: Nuclear Watch South – Glenn Carroll, open mic, Peace Corps – Aaron Joslin
Music: Paul Lombard
Speakers: open mic, Jubilee Partners
Music: Jimmy Parr, Battle of Bands Winner
Speaker: Ian Altman Undocumented HS Students
Speaker: Autism & Disabilities Advocacy, NORMAL
Speaker & Music Sherri Tanner Project Safe Featuring JD Smith
Speaker: Peter Norris
Music: Mother Fore
Speakers: A4E
Music: Savagist
Speakers: Ron Woods – Georgia Equality – Millard Farmer – Attorney
Music: The HEAP
Speaker: AIDS Athens
Music: Timi and Kite to the Moon
Speaker: Ricky Simone – performance
Divas Experience
Kellie Divine *Rained out
Music: Universal Sigh *Rained out

Sunday May 1st
Music: Teresa Haynes – Gospel Singer *Just last few minutes, I was late
Speakers: * Posted as one segment Mokah Johnson/Celest Ngeve Poet speaker/
Cassie Chantel Female Rap Artist/Maixmus the Poet/Keanne Female Rap Artist
Squalle Rap Artist/Speaker  Hattie Lawson-Moore’s Ford Movement Alvin Sheats    NAACP Music/Speaker: Versatyle Tha Wildchyld
Music: Whisper Kiss
Speaker: Bombs Away Collective
Music: The Ain’t Sisters, Battle of the Bands Winner
Speaker: A4E
Music: MrJordanMrTonks
Speaker: GA Climate Change Coalition
Music: Reverend Conner Tribble and the Deacons
Speaker: Athens for Everyone
open mic
Music: Jefferson Shuttle Craft – Paul Kantner Tribute Band
Speaker: Ed Tant
open mic
Music: Caroline Aiken with Shadow CAB

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