Music This Week Oct 26th thru Nov 1st

Hey there,
Wild Rumpus starts Thursday!!! A 3 day party with some of the best music of the year AND a parade and costumes. If you don’t dress up you should still come out to watch and support the Rumpus. Every year it surpasses the last and I’m sure this year will be no exception. You can’t ask for better weather so you really have no excuse not to go. You will regret it if you don’t because it will be what everyone will be talking about. A Don’t Miss!!
Try to save a little energy for Sunday for an important cause, Athens in Harmony an event aimed at bettering race relations in Athens.
My Don’t Miss shows are all the Wild Rumpus shows especially the Pre and Post Rumpus starting with Taxicab Verses, Pigs on the Wing and Timi and The Wonderland Rangers. Better get your tickets in advance it will probably sell out early. same for STS9 Also one of my all time favorites Breathlanes,.

Music Recommendations:
Wednesday, October 26
Creature Comforts Brewery Athens Farmers Market. 5 p.m. FREE!
MALARKEY BROTHERS Celtic folk-rock group.

The Foundry 6 p.m. $5.
THE BEST OF UNKNOWN ATHENS A singer-songwriter showcase hosted by Liam Parke. Featuring Sam Burchfield, Grant Cowan, Ben Morrison, Sarah Elizabeth, Kevin Whitfield and Lily Rose.

The Globe 8 p.m. FREE! 706-353-4721
THE HOT HOTTY-HOTS Mary Sigalas, Dan Horowitz, Steve Key and surprise guests play swingin’ tunes from the ’10s, ’20s and ’30s.

Thursday, October 27
Caledonia Lounge 9:30 p.m. $5 (21+), $7 (18-20).
GRIND HOUSE A night of hip hop performances, featuring Space Dungeon, We’re Weird, NBlock, Young Nolia, Torie Blui, Son1/Scott Sutton/Luke Highwalker, Fistful of Steel, Dictator, Socro, Floco Torres and Undiscover.

Creature Comforts Brewery Wild Rumpus Kickoff Party. 5 p.m.
PYLON REENACTMENT SOCIETY The songs of the legendary Athens band, as performed by Vanessa Briscoe Hay and an all-star cast of locals.
POWERKOMPANY Local pop duo featuring the crisp, soaring vocals of Marie Davon and electronic instrumentation courtesy of Andrew Heaton.
DJ SEE Alias of local artist Dana Jo Cooley.

DePalma’s Italian Cafe 6:30 p.m. FREE! 706-552-1237 (Timothy Road location)
BREATHLANES Athens musical collective playing organic, atmospheric improv. Featuring John Miley (guitar), Jamie DeRevere (drums), Dan Roth (keys) and Darrin Cook (bass).

40 Watt Club 8 p.m. $5.
FREE ASSOCIATES Scuzzed out garage-rock with attitude.
HONEY SLIDERS Original, Detroit-influenced rock band from Catropolis.
MAGNA CUM LORD Post-punk/psych-rock band featuring Thom Strickland, Larry Choskey and Nate Mitchell.
ANTLERED AUNT LORD Fuzz-pop project of local producer and songwriter Jesse Stinnard.

Georgia Theatre 11 p.m. On the rooftop. FREE!
GIMME HENDRIX Local Jimi Hendrix cover band.

Nowhere Bar 8:30 p.m. 706-546-4742
THE BIG SMOOTH Bluesy tunes with soulful vocals courtesy of Tre Powell and company.

The Office Lounge 8:30 p.m. 706-546-0840
REV. TRIBBLE AND THE DANCING MAGNOLIAS Local group led by Athens rock fixture Rev. Conner Mack Tribble.

Friday, October 28
Bar Georgia 10 p.m. 706-850-9040
BEAST MODE Local groove/thrash metal band.

Buffalo’s Café 7 p.m. $5.
CARLA LEFEVER AND THE RAYS This band, led by longtime Athenian LeFever, plays old-school jams, groovy funk and sweet pop.

Caledonia Lounge 9 p.m.
JUCIFER Sludge-metal duo that began in Athens and tour almost constantly, living out of their vehicle.
SAVAGIST Heavy-hitting local metal band.
HARRY CAREY Reunited version of this mid-’90s Athens group fronted by songwriter Jim Willingham.

Flicker Theatre & Bar 9 p.m.
DEATH PANELS Heavy, throbbing psych-rock from Atlanta with a pulsing heart of darkness.

40 Watt Club 8 p.m. $15.
MAC SABBATH Los Angeles-based parody heavy-metal tribute band.
HAYRIDE Long-running three-piece local rock band.

The Foundry 9 p.m. $17 (adv.), $20 (door).
UNKNOWN HINSON Comedic, vampirish country songwriter playing twangy originals with a satirical tinge.
THE LEFTOVER HOOKERS New local band fronted by Bearfoot Hookers’ Ty Manning.

Georgia Theatre  8 p.m. $17 (adv.), $20 (door).
TODD SNIDER Chameleonic Americana artist known for his recent work with supergroup Hard Working Americans.
ROREY CARROLL Up-and-coming singer-songwriter with a cinematic flair.

Go Bar 9 p.m. $3. 706-546-5609
PLEASURE POINT Local hip hop/noise-pop group formerly known as Cottonmouth.
LINGUA FRANCA Athens-based “chick-rap” project inspired by ’90s underground hip hop.
PANSY New local “dumb punk” four-piece.
DJ MAHOGANY Popular local DJ spins freaky funk, sultry soul, righteous R&B and a whole lotta unexpected faves.

Hendershot’s Coffee Bar 8 p.m.
VIC VARNEY & TONY OSCAR Local legend Varney (The Method Actors) and percussionist Oscar team up for two sets of music.

Nowhere Bar 10 p.m. 706-546-4742
CHRIS PADGETT & FRIENDS Local guitar virtuoso performs with a group of collaborators.

The Office Lounge 8:30 p.m. 706-546-0840
ERIK NEIL BAND Local trio playing blues/rock covers and originals.

Saturday, October 29
Bar Georgia 10:30 p.m. 706-850-9040
MURDER THE MOOD Local alternative rock band.
Bishop Park Athens Farmers Market. 8 a.m. FREE!
THE EXTENSION CHORDS No info available. (8 a.m.)
PICKXEN Playful acoustic trio. (10 a.m.)

Downtown Athens 8:30 p.m. FREE!
WILD RUMPUS PARADE & SPECTACLE The parade will feature music at various points along its route, including Harvey Funkwalker, Sunny South Blues Band, Cabbage Looper and others.

Flicker Theatre & Bar 9 p.m. $5.
ZENITH BLUE Five local teens playing rock covers and originals.
NANNERCUP New local blues-rock three-piece.
COUCHLOCKED  New psychedelic/progressive folk duo.

Georgia Theatre Wild Rumpus After Party. 10 p.m.
PIGS ON THE WING Pink Floyd tribute act featuring STS9’s David Murphy and an all-star cast of Athens locals.
TIMI AND WONDERLAND RANGERS Local pop rabblerouser performs with his backing band featuring Andrew Hanmer, Kevin Sims, Shelley Lotus, Tony Oscar and Chris Byron.

Hendershot’s Coffee Bar 8 p.m. $5.
KNEE DEEP This Atlanta group will be playing the funky jazz of Herbie Hancock and the Headhunters.

Live Wire Wild Rumpus Pre-Party. 6 p.m. FREE!
THE TAXICAB VERSES Local group/recording project inspired by Jim Wilson’s time spent doing field recordings and collaborating with musicians in Ghana.
THE FLAMETHROWERS Athens-based surf band.

Nowhere Bar  10 p.m. 706-546-4742
PARTIALS Local pop group describing itself as “psychedelic and danceable.”

Sunday, October 30
The Foundry 7 p.m. $15 (adv.), $20 (door).
ATHENS IN HARMONY An event aimed at bettering race relations in Athens, featuring musical duos Elite Tha Showstoppa and Caroline Aiken, Virginia Brown and Vanessa Briscoe Hay, Squallé and Chris McKay, Repunza and Jay Gonzalez, Eric Johnson and Maggie Hunter, Stella and Michael Wegner, Eugene Willis and Bain Mattox, Drena Williams and SJ Ursrey, Celest Ngeve and Reverend Tribble and Monique Osorio and Rosa Thurmond.

Monday, October 31
Flicker Theatre & Bar 9 p.m.
BOYCYCLE Local folk-pop band, featuring the beautiful clash of acoustics and synths and starring the confident vocals of Ashley Floyd.
BLUE BLOOD Melodic psych-pop project from Hunter Morris, formerly of Gift Horse.
PALACE DOCTOR Dynamic rock trio fronted by former Modern Skirts bassist Phillip Brantley.

Georgia Theatre 8 p.m. $49.50.
STS9 Influential Atlanta-born, California-based electronic jam-rock band.

Georgia Theatre On the Rooftop. 11 p.m. FREE!
KIKAGAKU MOYO Five-piece psychedelic rock band from Tokyo.

Go Bar  10 p.m. 706-546-5609
HANNIE AND THE SLOBS New local garage project featuring members of The Rodney Kings and Muuy Biien.
CRUNCHY Athens-based “doom-dance” duo featuring Phelan LaVelle and Kathleen Duffield.
DEATH STUFF Atlanta-based post-punk outfit.
COOPER Y PALOMITA No info available.
DJ MAHOGANY Popular local DJ spins freaky funk, sultry soul, righteous R&B and a whole lotta unexpected faves.

Nowhere Bar 10 p.m. 706-546-4742
BROCCOLI SAMURAI Electronic-flavored jam band from Cleveland, OH.

Preserve 1 p.m. $15.
HALLOWEEN HOP A one-day festival featuring Floor, Iron Chic, Big Eyes, Vacation, Off With Their Heads, Canadian Rifle, Shellshag, Sonic Avenues, Steve Adamyk Band, Eureka Califonia, Feather Trade, Outersea, Area Men, Deep State, Linda and Cancers.

The World Famous
Halloween Hop Afterparty. 10 p.m. $5.
LINDA Athens-based pop-punk band featuring members of Deep State and Bathrooms.
SONIC AVENUES Canadian heavy rock collective.
FEATHER TRADE This local band plays lush, moody post-pop.
BETH ISRAEL Austin, TX-based lo-fi rock band.

Tuesday, November 1
Georgia Theatre On the Rooftop. 10 p.m. FREE!
OGINALII A name meaning “friendship” in Cherokee, this tightly knit band features a mix of grunge, honky-tonk and Zeppelin-esque rock.

Hendershot’s Coffee Bar 8 p.m. FREE!
PERIOD SIX Playing a unique blend of jazz standards featuring collective communication and soulful improvisation.

Music is my meditation.
I hope to see y’all at the shows.
Peace and Love,

TODAY! Fundraiser for the 39th Athens Human Rights Festival Terrapin Beer Co. 4:30 p.m

Hey there,
Please come out and join us at Terrapin Beer Co. 4:30 p.m. for a fundraiser for the 39th Athens Human Rights Festival with Fat Arm Daddy a rock and blues band. They play originals and interpret classic rock and blues music that swings, rocks, chills and grooves. Y’all come out for a beer and hear some music moved by the soul.
As you know AHRF is a non-profit self funded event, we have no sponsors on purpose so we have no one telling us what to do. We are the longest running human rights festival in the country.
We have $39 left from last years festival and it takes over $10,000 to put on the festival so we have a long way to go to put on the next festival May 6th & 7th 2017.We can’t do it without your help.
It may be a little breezy but at least the temperature won’t be as bad as it has been lately.
I hope to see y’all at the shows.
Peace and Love,

The Revivalists

The Revivalists @ Ga Theatre  10-19-16
The Revivalists

The Revivalists @ Wanee Peach Stage 4-18-15
The Revivalists-01

The Revivalists @ Ga Theatre  12-31-14 NYE
The Revivalists-01          The Revivalists-02
The Revivalists-03          The Revivalists-04
The Revivalists-05          Encore

The Revivalists @ Lockn’ 9-5-14 *PA problems 1st part until 5 min into 2nd
The Revivalists-01          The Revivalists-02
The Revivalists-03

The Revivalists @ AURA 2-14-14
The Revivalists-01          The Revivalists-02
The Revivalists-03          The Revivalists-04

The Revivalists @ Bear Creek 11-15-13  * Split and tagged by Joshua Kaster
Concrete (Fish Out Of Water)
To Love Somebody
Sunny Days
Catching Fireflies
Bullet Proof Vest
Two Ton Wrecking Ball
Forgot About Dre

The Revivalists @ Bear Creek 11-13-13  * Split and tagged by Joshua Kaster
Catching Fireflies
Stand Up
Concrete (Fish Out Of Water)
All In The Family
Not Turn Away
Common Cents
Souls Too Loud
Whipping Post

The Revivalists @ Wanee 4-19-13
The Revivalists-01          The Revivalists-02
The Revivalists-03

Music This Week Oct 18th thru Oct 26th

Hey there,
WOW what a week for music! We have several benefits and fundraisers and some of my favorite touring bands The Revivalists, Keller Williams and Zach Deputy.
Wed is You Ain’t Nothing But a Pound Dog, a benefit for the Athens Area Humane Society. Thurs is Oconee River Land Trust benefit featuring Alison Brown Band with Claire Lynch and Special Appearance by Indigo Girls. Fri is the fundraiser for the 39th Athens Human Rights Festival with Fat Arm Daddy (Please come out and join us). Sat is the Lick Skillet Artist Market & Festival.
The Lockn’ Early-early bird ticket sale ends at midnight Wed 10/19. Code is LUMNI2017. The early bird tickets go on sale the next day but $30 more.
I took off for my corner to corner cross country round trip in Feb. I left with the bad news that I was unable to retrieve Sarah and Darrin Cook’s performance at the Valentine Duets. They did Bike my all time favorite Syd Barrett song. I don’t like giving up on anything so I went back and finally was able to retrieve their set and now have the complete show posted. Its under The HOOT! Valentine Duets. .
I also realized I forgot to post the Ziggy Stardust Bowie Tribute show. Its posted now as is last week’s Mother Fore, Whisper Kiss, Zenith Blue and Lily Herne shows.
Next week is Hulaween at Suwanee Music Park and our own Wild Rumpus A Don’t Miss!!
I still think both political parties could save a lot of time and money on primaries by having the candidates go on Jeff Foxworthy’s Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? It would quickly narrow the field.

Music recommendations:
Wednesday, October 19
Creature Comforts Brewery Athens Farmers Market. 5 p.m. FREE!
CORTEZ GARZA Local singer-songwriter pushes the envelope with his unique blend of indie/Americana.

The Foundry Happy Hour. 6 p.m. $5.
THE ORIGINAL SCREWTOPS Crankin’ the blues since 1962. Proceeds Benefit the Humane Society.

Georgia Theatre 8 p.m. $20 (adv.), $25 (door).
THE REVIVALISTS  This New Orleans band plays a vibrant mix of funk, jazz and rock accented by warm pedal steel and sax.
THE TEMPERANCE MOVEMENT Described as “raucous rock ‘n’ roll,” this five-piece band from Glasgow gives a fresh take on this classic genre.

No. 3 Railroad Street 7 p.m.
THE DIXIELAND 5 Local trad-jazz/Dixieland band that features a front line of trumpet, clarinet and trombone and a rhythm section of piano and tenor banjo.

Thursday, October 20
The Foundry Oconee River Belles. 7 p.m. $35 (adv.), $40 (door).
ALISON BROWN BAND Acclaimed as one of today’s finest progressive banjo players, Brown’s influences and repertoire expand far beyond bluegrass. She’ll be joined for this benefit show by singer Claire Lynch, as well as a special appearance by The Indigo Girls.
SANS ABRI Local folk duo featuring members of Packway Handle Band.

Georgia Theatre 9 p.m. $10 (adv.), $12 (door).
NATURAL CHILD  Grimy, Nashville-based proto-garage band.
T. HARDY MORRIS AND THE HARDKNOCKS Dead Confederate frontman and his band perform a set of pedal steel-tinged grunge-folk.
NEIGHBOR LADY Twangy, melodic rock group led by local singer-songwriter Emily Braden.

Your Pie 6:30 p.m. FREE! 706-355-7048 (Gaines School Road location)
HALEM ALBRIGHT A blend of unique songwriting and electrifying guitar, from rock to reggae, Americana to experimental.

Friday, October 21
Flicker Theatre & Bar 10 p.m.
HOT FUDGE Local project helmed by psychedelic guitar wizard Kris Deason.
TABLOID Anthemic, jumpy pop rock from members of Little Gold, Hot Fudge, Blunt Bangs and Marshmallow Coast.
BOOK OF COLORS Atlanta-based psychedelic folk collective with a Brazilian vibe.

CHRISTOPHER WITHOUT HIS LIVER Songwriter Chris Ingham plays a set of acoustic folk-punk.
DAVEY WRATHGABAR Visitations frontman performs a solo set of psychedelic folk.

The Foundry 8 p.m. $10 (adv.), $13 (door).
COUNTRY MUSIC SONGWRITERS IN THE ROUND Featuring Mike Dekle, Brian Burke, Todd Cowart and Clay Leverett

Georgia Theatre On the Rooftop. 11 p.m. FREE!
CBDB Alabama-based “joyfunk” band playing a mix of funk, progressive rock and jam fusion.

Georgia Theatre 8 p.m. $7 (adv). $20 (day of).
YACHT ROCK REVUE Georgia’s favorite ’70s light-rock tribute band returns to town to perform a high-octane set of cover songs.

Hendershot’s Coffee Bar 8 p.m. $7.
DREW KOHL Original singer-songwriter who plays bluegrass-inspired folk music. Album-release show!
BLACKWATER DEEP Athens-based acoustic indie-folk band.
CORTEZ GARZA Local singer-songwriter pushes the envelope with his unique blend of indie/Americana.

Nowhere Bar 10 p.m. 706-546-4742
REV. TRIBBLE AND THE DEACONS Local group led by Athens rock fixture Rev. Conner Mack Tribble.

Terrapin Beer Co. 4:30 p.m.
FAT ARM DADDY New local rhythm and blues trio. Fundraiser for 39th Athens Human Rights Festival.

Saturday, October 22
Bishop Park Athens Farmers Market. 8 a.m. FREE!
GENERATIONS New project consisting of Liam Parke, Evan Bradford and Jamaica Miller, playing originals and well-known folk covers (8 a.m.)
BULLDOG BRASS QUINTET The premier graduate brass quintet of UGA includes students from across the globe. (10 a.m.)

Georgia Theatre 8 p.m. $20.
KELLER WILLIAMS KWAHTRO Singer-songwriter out of Fredericksburg, VA who plays jammy, acoustic dance music. Featuring Gibb Droll, Danton Boller and Rodney Holmes.
ZACH DEPUTY Singer-songwriter from Bluffton, SC who describes his sound as a combination of jam, funk and soul.

Little Kings Shuffle Club 6 p.m. $5.
ROCK ‘N’ ROLL CIRCUS An “unhinged psycho circus of local rock ‘n’ roll” featuring Magna Cum Lord, Free Associates, Nate and the Nightmares, The VG Minus, Mother the Car, The Grawks, Hunger Anthem and The Plague.

Lyndon House Arts Center 10 a.m. FREE!
LICKSKILLET ARTIST MARKET & FESTIVAL Featuring music from Larry Forte, Qamar Tribal Odyssey Belly Dancers, Dixieland 5, Clay Leverett, The Lucky Jones, Norma Rae, Monsoon and The Heap.

The World Famous 10 p.m.
KYSHONA ARMSTRONG Soulful singer-songwriter with a rootsy, bluesy sound.
REUBEN BIDEZ Folk singer-songwriter from Nashville via Atlanta.

Sunday, October 23
Hendershot’s Coffee Bar 8 p.m. FREE!
SAM BURCHFIELD The Atlanta-based singer-songwriter plays a set of his folk-pop tunes.

Monday, October 24
Caledonia Lounge 7 p.m. $14 (21+), $16 (18–20).
RYLEY WALKER Acclaimed singer-songwriter from Chicago whose work touches on folk, jazz and ’60s psychedelia.
CIRCUIT DES YEUX Folk chanteuse and noise maven Haley Fohr’s sound vacillates between lo-fi and songwriting sophistication.

Nowhere Bar 10 p.m. 706-546-4742
MINGLEWOOD MONDAY Local artists pay tribute to the Grateful Dead.

UGA Performing Arts Center 8 p.m. $67-$77.
MIKE MILLS ROCK CONCERTO R.E.M.’s Mills and Robert McDuffie perform a concerto for violin, rock band and string orchestra, featuring Fifth House Ensemble.

The World Famous 9 p.m. $3.
EXPERIMENTAL MONDAYS Featuring performances from Michael Lauden, Pastor Randy, Dong Kang and more.

Tuesday, October 25
The Foundry 6 p.m. $10 (adv.), $13 (door).
RICHARD BUCKNER Long-running, critically acclaimed singer-songwriter who integrates acoustic folk and more abstract influences in his work.

Georgia Theatre 8 p.m. $12 (adv.), $15 (door).
GANJA WHITE NIGHT Bass-focused EDM duo.
ORGANIK Atlanta-based bass music producer.
B2B No info available.
DJ VARIANT Local electronic maven Chris Thompson explores drum and bass and dubstep.

Music is my meditation.
I hope to see y’all at the shows.
Peace and Love,